The Advantages Of Traveling To Miami For Your Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation

When you’re ready to begin planning your breast augmentation journey, why not consider taking a short trip to work with one of the top specialists in the world? It’s common to think of undergoing procedures locally as more convenient, but there can be a few drawbacks. Some will be disappointed with their care, even though they booked close to home.

The level of attention and expertise you enjoy when you select a world-renowned practice means you feel reassured every step of the way. When you schedule a breast augmentation in Miami with Dr. Craft, his expert staff will make every detail of your planning and process trouble-free, luxurious and fun. The elite team at Body by Craft specialize in out of town patients, so if you’re not sure how this works, contact us today, and we’ll show you how easy it can be.

While it can be very worthwhile to travel to sunny Miami for surgery, we don’t recommend international “cosmetic tourism.” There are a few good reasons for this. In plenty of cases, you’ll see steep discounts for surgical pricing offered because the facility and staff are not up to US standards. Board Certified US Plastic Surgeons adhere to strict laws and must follow rigorous safety protocols. The level of training and accountability they must have is also high. Certification of both surgeons and their hospitals varies between countries, making it very hard for people to honestly understand what they’re paying for.

Another reason to feel safe about your breast augmentation in Miami, as opposed to overseas, is that the breast implants cleared for use here have been tested and held to strict standards. There are some less rigorously studied or approved devices which are not legal to sell or implant here, found in overseas hospitals and private practices due to weaker regulations. You should never take chances with surgery.

Finally, a great reason to plan your procedure with a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Phillip Craft is that he believes in providing personalized care before during and after your procedure. Unfortunately, people who fly overseas for breast implants sometimes come back and find themselves in need of medical care.

In these cases, with their surgeon far away and perhaps difficult to reach, their advice and treatment must come from a new surgeon at home in The US. The additional doctor’s visits and possible extra medical care ends up being costly and can turn something meant to be positive into a negative experience. We want you to have excellent follow-up care and to stay closely involved with your recovery, every step of the way.

At body by Craft, we’re experts in breast augmentation. Miami is a beautiful city filled with excitement, excellent food, fantastic nightlife and the wonders of nature all around us. Our facilities are elegant, welcoming and equipped with everything you need for a relaxing, positive cosmetic surgery experience. Contact us today to find out how you can arrange your breast enhancement here, with us.

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