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Breast Augmentation

In the 90s, celebrities like Pamela Anderson made unnaturally large, obviously augmented breasts popular. However, over time trends change, as society’s idea of what is attractive evolves. Although some women still hope to attain the “augmented” look when undergoing a breast augmentation in Miami, more and more patients are now opting to achieve the most natural results possible. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift and Kate Hudson, who are suspected to have undergone natural looking breast augmentations, inspire many people.

To follow suit, they are requesting smaller implants, in order to subtly enhance their bust by as little as one or two sizes. As a result, B and C cups are now more popular than D or DD cup augmentations because they achieve results that look a lot more like natural breasts. The newest implants on the market are making it even easier for women to enhance their chest in a way that appears feminine and subtle. Often referred to as “gummy bear implants”, silicone cohesive gel implants also move and feel incredibly natural.

What Are Gummy Bear Implants?

The name “gummy bear implants” refers to the fact that the silicone cohesive gel used for the latest innovation in breast augmentation surgery maintains its shape when cut in half, much like a gummy bear would. Unlike saline implants, which are comprised of a saline liquid, silicone implants hold their shape better, which means that they are less prone to rippling and wrinkling, contributing to their more natural appearance.

As an added advantage, in the rare event of a rupture, gummy bear implants will not leak into the body, since they maintain their shape. Because the rupture rate is so low, gummy bear implants do not have to be replaced as frequently as traditional implants, which often need to be replaced every ten years.

Although they are known for their natural appearance, gummy bear implants also enable patients to achieve considerable cleavage since the gel can be overfilled. Gummy bear implants are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including round, teardrop, and textured. Unlike traditional implants, which can feel firm, gummy bear implants are soft to the touch, mimicking the feel of natural breast tissue.

Shorter Recovery Time

Another benefit of a Miami breast augmentation using gummy bear implants is the shorter recovery time it requires. Since gummy bear implants can often be inserted under the muscle, many patients are able to recover in as little as 24 hours because a very precise pocket can be formed for the implant, minimizing bruising and swelling. This makes it ideal for women who hope to achieve their desired results as inconspicuously as possible, as they are able to return to work shortly after the procedure.

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