The Best Sleeping Positions After Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

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You have taken great care to research the best Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon in Miami. Of course, you want to ensure that you have the best possible recovery and results from your BA procedure and asking questions is a great way to ensure that you have all the information you need.

A common question people ask about their breast implant surgery recovery is, what is the best position for me to sleep in? People often worry that something they do will affect their aesthetic outcome. Many people sleep on their stomachs and may not realize that this is to be avoided for a time after breast augmentation.

Sleeping Comfortably

While it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions and take care to avoid the strenuous activities you’ve been advised about, it is also okay to relax and get comfortable while you are healing. The following are some tips about how you can sleep comfortably and avoid doing any damage to the implant pocket in the early post operative healing phase. There are several safe sleeping positions which can keep you comfortable while avoiding any direct pressure on your breasts.

Supine position or, sleeping on your back is safe, but an even better back option is to elevate the back, shoulders and head for at least the first two weeks. Sleeping completely upright isn’t possible for many people and it isn’t really necessary, but if you are able to elevate your upper body by roughly 30-40 degrees, it will help to minimize the amount of chest swelling that you experience while sleeping.

Precautions To Take

Gravity affects swelling and fluid buildup in our tissues. When you lay down flat after breast surgery, you are likely to experience very sore and swollen breasts in the morning which can be avoided. Another reason to recline with a little elevation is that it helps with your mobility. Getting up out of bed usually requires some upper body strength and pulling maneuvers using your arms and chest muscles are not advised.

When resting with your back elevated, it is easier to swing your legs down first, turn slowly to the side and sit up without straining your chest muscles. Sleeping on your back for 4-6 weeks will be advised before you can begin laying on your front again. Sleeping on your side is another safe possibility with a couple of conditions. It is important that if you lay on your side, you take precautions to protect your breasts.

Recovery Process

Building up pillows to rest arms on and prevent turning is important to ensure that you do not roll onto your chest while sleeping, or rest your arm heavily on a breast. Sleeping on the side is often not desirable within the first week of surgery because the breasts and incisions can be sensitive when turning from side to side.

Wearing a supportive post surgical bra for the first 6 weeks is advised to provide optimal support for the breasts and prevent them shifting position with gravity as you sleep. Your bra should have no underwires, provide soft support and compression but not be overly tight or pressing hard in any area. Post operative medications which are prescribed for you can be especially helpful at night when people tend to be more aware of discomfort and have a hard time getting comfortable. Talk to your Plastic Surgeon about any concerns you have regarding sleeping while you recover from breast augmentation.

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