How to Correct Unbalanced Breasts With a Breast Augmentation in Miami?

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Breast Augmentation

Most people don’t know this, but breasts are usually asymmetric. There can be differences in nipple position, breast volume and position on the chest wall. These asymmetries are often subtle enough that women don’t notice them. However, more dramatic asymmetry can lead to self-consciousness or embarrassment. Many women who seek breast augmentation in Miami do so to correct imbalances.

From a practical standpoint, having breasts that are two different sizes might make shopping for tops and bras extra frustrating. If you’re bothered by the appearance of your chest or you find it challenging to fit clothing easily, you’re not alone. This is a common issue with practical solutions.

Is a Miami breast augmentation or a lift your best solution?

When you’re researching your options, scheduling a consultation with a board-certified breast enhancement specialist will be your ideal first step. This crucial appointment allows you to receive personalized answers to your questions. Your plastic surgeon will examine you and listen to your concerns and goals. They’ll be able to offer a customized approach.

The type of asymmetry you have will influence your recommendations. When volume and overall breast position is similar, areolas can be adjusted through a mastopexy technique. If breast size/volume is the primary concern, an implant or fat grafting may be advised.

What causes uneven breasts?

Many physical characteristics are genetic or developmental, such as unilateral virginal hypertrophy, uneven development during puberty, hormonal changes, or weight gain. The two sides of a person’s body are often slightly different, and this can account for nipples which are shaped or positioned asymmetrically. Increases in size for one breast may lead to unilateral drooping.

Surgical procedures to treat breast cancer or other conditions might change the size or shape of one breast. Occasionally, women find they have size or contour differences between their breasts after a mastopexy or breast reduction which leads them to seek breast augmentation in Miami.

It’s important for potential patients to know; women seek augmentation with implants for all sorts of reasons. The goal is not always to appear large-breasted, curvier or sexier. Some people choose implants for restorative purposes and achieve very subtle enhancements that help them feel better about their bodies, without the changes being outwardly apparent. Your reasons for undergoing breast augmentation will be all your own.

Breast augmentation is the leading cosmetic procedure in the US. The demand leads implant manufacturers to continually innovate and supply an ever-expanding variety of shapes, sizes and features for implants. Long lasting, safe and incredibly realistic feeling, silicone cohesive gel implants can be placed using custom sizing specific to each individual breast. When you visit a body contouring expert like Dr. Phillip Craft, your augmentation will be personalized for you and carried out with a naturally artistic approach that balances body proportions and compliments your inherent beauty.

Sometimes, feeling like your body is balanced and in harmony can have positive effects that spread over your whole life and outlook. We want to help you improve your shape and feel more confident. We welcome you to contact the enhancement team at Body by Craft today

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