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Breast enhancement in Miami has come a long way in recent years, but some people still conjure up images of “fake” breasts when they think of this cosmetic procedure. The good news is, breast augmentation is not one-size-fits-all and today, you can get almost exactly the look and feel you want from this popular surgery. The key is to knowimportanttips for planning.

1. The top of the list is; choose a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, those who are less qualified or even uncertified can advertise their services for breast enhancement in Miami, but they will not be able to offer you the quality, natural-looking results or safety necessary.There’s no need to rush into this decision and we recommend that you do a little homework to make sure the surgeon you select is a pro who regularly performs this procedure.

2. Pay special attention to before and after photos. In this case, the more you view the better because you will be watching for consistentresults. Everyone shows their best work of course, but if you’re able to see a variety of patients with consistent, beautiful breasts, you’ll have a good idea of what your surgeon can deliver. Cosmetic surgery is an artistic field as much as a medical one. Each surgeon has their own style and signature look. If there is a size, shape, or aesthetic you’re seeking, there will be a surgeon who delivers that reliably.

Which Breast Implants Will Benefit You?

3. Pay attention to your measurements. Your plastic surgeon will examine you and likely take some measurements during your consultation. Many women don’t realize that breast shape, nipple position,and even skin elasticity can be important factors determining which breast implants will benefit them. Rather than a subtle, natural look, you may be interested in very full, augmented-looking breasts, but proceed with caution; though larger breasts are often possible, the elasticity of skin and long-term impracticality can lead to regrets and a disproportionate breast enhancement. Miami is a sunny, beach destination with plenty of cleavage on display. It doesn’t necessarily take high volume implants to create sexy cleavage that looks great in a bikini. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to advise you about what looks the most flattering on your body.

4. Consider your chest muscle as camouflage. For many people, especially those with tight, small breasts, placing round implants over the muscle leads toa round, unnatural look. Dual plane implant placement means the implant is partly covered at the top by muscle and breast tissue. This creates a softer slope, more natural look and feel. Ask your plastic surgeon if this could be the right approach for you.

5. Ask your plastic surgeon if you need a breast lift. Many women who’ve lost a little weight after giving birth find their breast tissue deflates and droops over time. Depending on the nipple position and degree of excess skin, you may require a breast lift procedure to truly deliver the results you want. Placing a breast implant in a stretched breast without a lift can lead to deformed breasts that have skin and nipple hanging at the bottom. Aligning your body goals with the correct procedure is key to your happiness with the outcome.

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