Five Tips For Buying New Bras After Your Breast Augmentation in Miami

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Breast Augmentation

Time to go shopping! You’ve finally decided to go ahead with your Miami breast augmentation, and if you’re like most women, the idea of shopping for gorgeous new bras and bikinis dominates your dreams. The first lingerie shopping spree is no doubt a rite of passage for all BA patients and will be well worth it, but there are a few essential tips and factors to consider first. Before you buy anything, read this.

How Long Will It Take To Heal After Breast Augmentation In Miami?

Rushing your recovery can make you unnecessarily uncomfortable and may even compromise results. You’ll need a realistic timeframe in mind so you can pack plenty of patience and wait until the right time to buy new bras.

Most cosmetic surgeons recommend a period of three to six weeks wearing a surgical bra or none at all. They’ll advise you against anything that pushes up or into your healing breasts, including underwire. There’s good reason for this. The carefully created implant pockets will be strengthening but still vulnerable before six weeks. The nerves affected during surgery may leave areas of the breast temporarily numb as well, and any wires or pressure causing damage wouldn’t be readily felt.

Your breasts will feel naturally firm and a little swollen for at least six weeks, so that would make accurate sizing a frustrating feat. If your surgeon clears you, you may want to purchase some soft, supportive and wire-free bras that are cozy and safe during your recovery period.

Once Ready, Try A Professional Bra Fitter

Have you ever made an appointment at a lingerie boutique to be measured and properly fitted for your undergarments? Many women haven’t, and as a result, they wear terribly uncomfortable, ill-fitted and unflattering bras. Now’s your chance to start this renewed relationship with your chest on the right foot. It could be very beneficial for you to learn your accurate bra band size and get well-made, active support too.

Try A New Style!

Have you shied away from certain looks, fabrics, and designs? Now is the time to enjoy your shape and have fun trying on all sorts of things that flatter your proportions. You might be surprised by what looks good on you now that your assets are in better balance. Having a trusted friend along could help you get out of your shell and realize how good you look too.

Wait Before Buying Anything Super Pricey

Miami breast augmentation patients sometimes find that breasts sit a little high or feel sensitive for a few months after surgery. It’s a natural part of the body’s tissues adapting and each person experiences recovery differently. For some, the breasts will feel soft at two months. For others, residual discomfort wearing underwire or a little firmness lasting more than 2-3 months could mean bras just don’t fit quite right yet.

If you purchase something expensive that can’t be returned, then find out at six months post-op that it doesn’t fit, you’ll be understandably frustrated. The shape, position and softness will evolve beautifully over the weeks and months following your procedure. By roughly six months post-op, you can likely wear whatever you want and ensure it’s a lasting fit.

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