Miami Breast Augmentation: Do’s And Don’ts

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Breast Augmentation

The excitement you are feeling as you are preparing for your Miami Breast Augmentation must be quite high, after all, you will be changing your body in a very positive way. However, remember to not let the excitement distract you from some very important preparatory work for the big day. To optimize the outcome for your breast augmentation, here are some do’s and don’ts to follow for a smooth experience.

Do Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Carefully

Finding the right surgeon is one of the top priorities in breast augmentation procedures because it will determine how good the results can be. Keep an eye out for their certifications, experience and personality.

Don’t Get A Breast Augmentation To Please Someone Else

This is your body, therefore the decision to undergo a breast augmentation is yours alone. Carefully think about the reasons to why you want it because this is one way to end up with results that you are unhappy about.

Do Have A Plastic Surgery Consultation Meeting

This is a key step to take when you have a list of prospective plastic surgeons. This meeting is an opportunity for you to decide whether this plastic surgery clinic is suitable for you since you will be able to meet the person who may operate on you. It is best to go prepared with a list of questions!

Do Quit Smoking

This is a habit that needs to go, both before and after your procedure for optimal outcomes. Nicotine in cigarettes increase your risk of surgical complications and hinder your body’s ability to heal.

Don’t Assume That Bigger Is Always Better

When it comes to choosing a breast implant size, it can be a hard choice to make so it is important to remember a few things. First, implant sizes are not the same as cup sizes. Second, your body type and proportions are a crucial factor to consider for implant size. Lastly, think about the lifestyle you want to lead because large implants can make physical activity more difficult.

Do Get To Know All Your Options About Breast Augmentation

There is a wide variety of breast implants to choose from and they differ in size, material, texture and shape. Depending on what you desire as your final results, your plastic surgeon will make recommendations. Additionally, there are also different placements of the breast implants that can be influenced by the type of implant chosen, your goals and preferences. Therefore, make sure you know all your options before making a choice!

Don’t Rush Your Recovery

The recovery phase after a breast augmentation surgery is crucial for your well-being and new body. You will be given a timeline and straightforward after-care instructions that you need to follow to heal properly. It will take some time before you can enjoy your new-self but please be patient, we promise it is well-worth the wait.

Do Treat Your New Breast Implants With Care

Aside from the instructions provided by your plastic surgeon for proper recovery, you should treat your implants carefully so that results are optimal and long-lasting with no complications. That way, you can fully be happy with your transformation.

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