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Breast Augmentation

When you consider breast augmentation options, do you think of a fat transfer? If you’ve heard about the new method of breast enhancement that doesn’t involve any implant being inserted, you’re likely intrigued.

In many cases, breast augmentations in Miami are still performed with silicone or saline implants. However, another technique that many people aren’t familiar with involves transferring purified fat stem cells from elsewhere on their body, to their breasts.

Why do people choose to enhance their breasts with fat?

Dr. Phillip Craft is a board-certified breast augmentation specialist who uses the fat transfer technique to perform natural-looking breast augmentations in Miami. Your breasts contain a significant amount of fatty tissue. For this reason, you may notice that they increase or decrease in size when your body weight fluctuates. Some women work hard to stay slim and fit, but lose their breast size in the process. Others want to enhance their cleavage just slightly while remaining very authentic and subtle. For these people, the artful sculpting of fuller, breasts using a perfectly natural material from their own body is quite appealing. It leaves no scars and removes their concern associated with implants.

Breast fat grafting can help with the following:

  • Decreased breast volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Decreased breast size after weight loss
  • Improving the breast shape/roundness
  • Balancing asymmetric breasts
  • Enhancing fullness of upper chest and cleavage

Is breast augmentation in Miami right for you?

Ideal candidates for fat transfer and all cosmetic procedures are in good health and have no uncontrolled medical problems. We recommend you be close to your ideal body weight and not planning to gain or lose significant fat after your procedure. Stable weight helps to ensure you can enjoy consistent, optimal results.

Once you’ve had a private consultation with Dr. Craft and decided to proceed, you’ll enjoy selecting body areas to harvest fat from with liposuction. One of the many benefits this procedure affords is the ability to slim down the regions you remove fat from before grafting.

You can have a slimmer waist, smoother tummy and thinner thighs, at the same time as your breast enhancement.

Bonus* recovery tends to be faster than traditional breast augmentation with mild swelling or bruising noted for roughly 1 week. Once the fat integrates into the surrounding tissue, you’ll never need to replace it, and you’ll enjoy your results for many years.

In general, the size increases possible through this method are not large. You can expect to gain between ½ to 1 cup size. This is not an ideal option for those who wish to have substantially larger, firmer or perkier breasts. The look feel, and aesthetic outcome of breast fat grafting serves a particular niche of patient and goals.

To find out if this is the right method for you, your next step will be to schedule your own consultation. Our team at Body by Craft will be pleased to answer your questions and present a personalized plan that suits your needs. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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