Miami Breast Augmentation – The Truth About Healing Revealed

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Breast Augmentation

After having recently undergone a Miami breast augmentation, you may find that your breasts don’t take on the appearance you envisioned right away. However, be encouraged because we’re going to reveal the truth about breast augmentation healing.

The final outcome will not be apparent immediately, even if you’re recovering well and the swelling has diminished. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand the healing stages and how your breasts will change after the surgery.

The Settling Of Your Breast Implants

Following your Miami breast augmentation, it’s not unusual for implants to appear high on your chest, especially during the early phases of your recovery. This is due to pressure of the pectoralis muscle on the breast implants after placement. The increased inflammatory pressure grips the implants in a high position, and often tight, lower breast tissue will also push up on the implants temporarily. When the skin envelope slowly relaxes and expands, breast implant volume can displace downward and round out the lower breast. This natural process of breast implant settling is commonly known as “dropping”.

The “dropping” component of this process occurs when your pectoralis muscle begins to relax. It allows the implant to fall into a more natural position over time. After “dropping”, the implants will increase volume distribution in the lower portion of the breasts.

What Can Affect The Settling Of Breast Implants?

Your implant type and placement, the proportions of your chest and your natural breast tissue will determine the settling of your breast implants after a Miami breast augmentation.

Type of implant: how the newly placed breast implants behave as your body heals and adapts to breast augmentation can be impacted by the material, shape and texture of the implants. Both silicone gel and saline implants have comparable settling periods. Smooth, round implants have the chance to rotate freely within the chest pocket, whether they are placed above or below the muscle. On the contrary, teardrop implants that are textured tend to stay in their position in order to mimic the natural breast shape, so they don’t go through a dramatic settling process.

Placement of implant: there are two common placements for breast implants: 1) subglandular/ over the pectoralis muscle or 2) submuscular/ partially under the pectoralis muscle. A majority of breast augmentation procedures place the implants submuscularly for more natural-looking results. This type of placement requires a slightly longer adjustment time and it may take a few months before your final breast shape and feel becomes apparent.

While you wait for nature to take its course, the breasts may feel unnaturally firm. Rest assured that they will soften over time.

The best type of implant and placement of it will depend on your anatomy, personal preference and goals.

Speeding Up The Drop Process

There are techniques available that can help speed up the relaxation process and allow for quicker “dropping” of breast implants. These include certain medications and massage techniques. As the muscles relax, the implants will “drop” into the desired position and fill out the breasts as expected. However, do keep in mind that the final results will take time and that your patience during this healing process will be worth it.

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