Tips For Dealing With Unmet Plastic Surgery Expectations

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Plastic Surgery Expectations

Although the term, “botched” surgery sounds frightening and patients who undergo plastic surgery undoubtedly hope to have the best outcome the first time, for a variety of reasons it is not uncommon for patients to require a secondary, corrective surgery in order to achieve their desired results. While in some cases this need is a result of botched results, delivered by an unqualified primary surgeon, in other instances, it is requested to make a minor adjustment to otherwise satisfactory results. If your expectations were not fully met during your primary procedure, the following tips will help you prepare for your corrective surgery.

Don’t Rush

While you may suspect immediately that your expectations have not been met with your primary procedure, it is crucial to allow yourself sufficient time to heal before considering a secondary surgery. In most instances, patients experience swelling throughout the first several months after the procedure, which means the true results are often not visible right away.

Scars will also be more evident immediately following the procedure, but can be expected to soften and mature over time, gradually becoming less noticeable. Although it may be difficult, try to be patient following your procedure. If you are still unsatisfied six months to one year postoperatively, it may be appropriate to consider corrective surgery.


Prior to undergoing any surgical procedure, it is important to openly discuss your goals for the procedure with your surgeon. After learning your expectations for the surgery, your surgeon will develop a detailed plan for your procedure and discuss the results that you can expect. Perfection is not a realistic goal in most cases and your surgeon will likely dissuade you from thinking in these terms, but instead talk about realistic and often dramatic improvements that can be made to each area of concern.

If your goals were not met during your primary procedure, it is crucial to evaluate your expectations before undergoing your corrective surgery. It is imperative to recognize that the goal of any plastic surgery procedure is enhancement, not perfection. While a secondary procedure can certainly help patients achieve their desired outcome, they should have clear, measurable and realistic goals.

Schedule A Consultation

While in some cases, it may be appropriate to revisit your primary surgeon, it is advisable to consult with several surgeons before scheduling your secondary procedure.

If you are hoping to make a minor adjustment with your corrective surgery, but still feel you can trust your primary surgeon, it may be best to return to him or her, as they are familiar with your case and will want to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. However, if you are considering a second surgery due to botched results, or poor communication, it is imperative to seek a second opinion. Research and select a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in corrective surgery and whom you feel you can trust.

Although it can be upsetting, if your expectations were not met by your primary plastic surgery, do not be discouraged. A qualified and experienced board-certified surgeon can work with you to develop a plan for corrective surgery in order to help you achieve the results you were hoping for the first time.

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