9 Things to do Before Your Breast Augmentation in Miami

Breast Augmentation

Are you ready for your breast augmentation in Miami? For many people, the better prepared they are before a cosmetic procedure, the less anxious they feel. From a medical standpoint, we think ample prep beforehand leads to a more comfortable recovery and better results.

Having an elective cosmetic surgery allows you to do as much research and planning as you want to ahead of time. To help you out, we’ve provided a list of tips and guidelines that will make everything just a little easier if you follow them.

#1. Miami breast augmentation recovery- create a relaxing space

You may already be aware that you’ll need to book a couple of weeks off work and spend more time than usual resting at home after surgery. It can be challenging to feel rested and stress-free if you’re surrounded by messes, noisy activity or tasks that you continually fixate on. We recommend thoroughly cleaning and organizing your home in the weeks before your BA. Once you’ve returned home after surgery, it will be such a relief to have quiet, an abundance of clean linens, comfortable places to lounge, and no chores in sight.

#2. Prep your bed area

We’ll encourage you to get up and walk around regularly after your procedure because it’s good for your circulation and reduces some risks. It’s normal to feel drowsy and tired after anesthetic though, and the hard work of healing will mean you need extra rest. You’ll need to have the head of your bed elevated a bit, so you can prop up the mattress or use firm pillows to create comfortable support. It’s also beneficial to keep tissues, wet wipes, water, medications and lip gloss handy at the bedside. You’ll need to have light snacks on hand, so you don’t take medication on an empty stomach. Your favorite magazines and books make good bedside companions too.

#3. Gather pillows

You may want to consider purchasing a couple of specially designed “wedge” pillows which support ideal body positioning and can offset pressure where it’s not wanted.

#4. Prepare post op medications and supplements

Checking with your plastic surgeon before taking any supplements is essential. Those which help reduce bruising faster include homeopathic Arnica. They may also provide you with antinauseants and medication to help relieve constipation. Drink plenty of water and keep light meals handy for medication time.

#5. Purchase cocoa butter

It’s not mandatory, but many people find the natural emollient properties of cocoa or shea butter help relieve tight, itchy, inflamed skin. You’ll need to avoid applying it directly on incisions or bandages, but the rest of your chest will thank you.

#6. Hire help

After your breast augmentation in Miami, you may need additional help with childcare or pet care. You won’t be able to drive for at least a week, and heavy lifting or strenuous activities are off limits for a few more weeks, so the extra set of hands will go a long way toward easing stress. Some of our patients even hire someone to cook or help with the housework, and they say the extra relief that brings is well worth it during recovery.

#7. Prepare food ahead of time

If you don’t plan to invite a friend or family member to cook, then you’ll benefit from preparing meals ahead. You can use your hands and do simple tasks after breast surgery, but repetative actions can feel sore and tiring. You won’t want to spend long hours chopping, stirring or standing over a stove. If you load up on healthy, quick meals and prepare a few things to freeze, mealtimes won’t be a hassle, and you can focus on rest.

#8 Cold packs and ice packs

Your plastic surgeon will advise you about when, and for how long you can use ice after a breast augmentation. Typically, applying a cold pack or frozen bag of peas for just ten minutes at a time can be permitted in the first few days if needed. You’ll need to avoid prolonged exposure as you may impair healing or put skin at risk. Always place a protective cloth around the gel pack.

#9 Easy on, easy off clothes are your friend

On the day of your procedure, a comfy, zip up or button up top will be the easiest thing to put on and wear home. You can even wear your favorite pyjamas, as long as you don’t need to lift your arms or twist uncomfortably to put them on. It will be helpful to have a stockpile of loose tops and pyjamas handy for your recovery time at home, so if you’re used to wearing tight things, go shopping for comfortable loungewear.
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