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A Miami breast augmentation can bring many improvements to a woman’s life, including a boost in self-confidence, positive body image and ultimately, and more enjoyment of every day life. A successful transformation of the breasts and body can also bring a significant amount of excitement! That’s because when warm weather hits, a whole new world of summer clothes and swimwear can feel like it’s available to her for the first time.

Now before heading to the beach to jump in the water, there are some things you should know about your breast augmentation. If you’ve recently undergone surgery, here are some tips to follow that will maximize your summertime fun while protecting your investment.

Beach Fun & Sun Exposure After Breast Implants

With new body curves, many people can finally confidently wear a new swimsuit and feel amazing in it. However, having some beach fun in the summer means your skin may be exposed to the sun more than usual. Therefore, it’s important that you are aware of when and how much sun you can get after a Miami breast augmentation.

First of all, we always recommend our patients wear sunscreen, whether or not they’ve had breast augmentation surgery. Below are some additional tips for staying safe and maintaining your beautiful breast augmentation results while in the sun.

  • Keep all incisions out of direct sunlight. While maturing, scars may darken in response to sunlight.
  • Absolutely avoid sun-tanning beds while healing from surgery
  • Wait for your scars to no longer be red or raised before exposing them to the sun, they will be fully mature after 1 year.
  • While your scars are healing, keep them covered with clothing and even after they have healed, always use sunscreen on the incision areas
  • Avoid tanning swollen, stretched skin, which is still recovering from surgery. Weakened, inflamed skin can burn and form rashes or unpredictable pigmentation in response to sun exposure.

Swimming At The Beach With Breast Implants

After a recent breast augmentation, you may be wondering when it is safe for you to enjoy the cool waves at the beach. We generally advise our Body by Craft patients to wait three to four weeks after the procedure to get into a pool, hot tub or ocean. This is because your incisions need to be completely healed and scab-free to ensure risk of infection has passed.

If you wet the incision sites before fully healed, there’s an increased risk of infection, delayed healing and complications. Though the water is calling, try to be patient and wait for the all clear from your plastic surgeon. When you do swim, remember that strenuous upper body exercise will not be advised for at least 6 weeks after surgery so take it easy and avoid making it a workout.

Beach Volleyball After A Breast Augmentation

In general, we recommend our patients wait two or three weeks after a Miami breast augmentation to begin light exercises which elevate the heart rate. These activities should start gentle and increase as your plastic surgeon advises. Unfortunately, volleyball at the beach is considered highly strenuous and relies on a lot of rapid, vigorous arm movements. It’s best that you wait six to eight weeks before playing sports.

If you have any further questions regarding breast augmentation, we invite you to contact Body by Craft for a more in-depth conversation with Dr. Phillip Craft and our expert team.

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