How Long Does It Take To Look Great After A Miami Breast Augmentation?

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Breast Augmentation

After much consideration, you have finally made the decision to undergo a Miami Breast Augmentation. It is a fantastic way for women to improve their body contour because the procedure enhances the breasts by increasing their size and volume, as well as re-positions them.

However, before booking your consultation and surgical procedure, you are probably wondering how long it will take for you to look amazing after the procedure. Maybe you want to go on tropical vacation and show off in some new bikinis. Or perhaps you have an anniversary or event coming up that you want to look beautiful for. Regardless of the reason being, it is important for you to understand and to know what to expect as the immediate and final results of a breast augmentation.

Size & Volume

Following the procedure, you will certainly see the difference in size and volume immediately. However, you might notice that your breasts are not as naturally-positioned as you would like – do not worry! Generally, when the breast implants are first inserted, your breasts will definitely look swollen, tight and sit high up on your chest. This is completely normal because immediately after the breast augmentation, your breast tissue and skin have not adapted to the new implants yet and gravity has also not taken any effect either. Over time during your recovery phase, your new breast implants will go through a process known as the “drop and fluff”. This is the term that describes the accommodations your body makes for the new breast implants. You will notice that the swelling is decreased, there is less tightness because of skin expansion and there is an overall, more natural appearance – just the way you wanted them to be!

Drop and Bluff

The “drop and fluff” process is usually completed around four months for most women. Please do remember that every individual is different, and their bodies heal in distinctive ways. It is also not abnormal for some women to wait up to six months before their breasts undergo the “drop and fluff” process. Your body will recover at its own pace, whether that is faster or slower than others, so it is important to be patient during this time. We promise that it is well-worth the wait as the final appearance of your breast augmentation results will be natural, with softer and rounder features.

Breast Augmentation In Miami

If you are considering a Miami Breast Augmentation or have questions regarding what to expect of the final results, we would like to invite you into our clinic for a personal and private consultation meeting with Dr. Craft. We can discuss your aesthetic goals and prepare an individualized treatment plan for you to achieve it.

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