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Many of our patients take good care of their bodies. Choosing to invest in yourself through cosmetic surgery is exciting, and you may be eager to work at it even harder after your procedure. Before you rush to the gym or sign up for a charity run, be sure that you’ve recovered sufficiently and had the all-clear from your surgeon to resume exercise. The exciting results of your Miami breast augmentation will last for many years. Follow these vital exercise tips, and you can make the most of your workouts and your new curves.

Start Post-BA Exercise, Gently

Breast augmentation is elective cosmetic surgery, and for women who are used to pushing themselves in the gym, it can feel unnatural to finish a workout with any gas left in the tank. However, the first several weeks are a critical time to prioritize healing overworking.

For the first two weeks after your breast augmentation in Miami, plan on limiting your fitness regime to short walks that promote healthy circulation. You can gradually build the duration and speed of your hikes, but don’t risk running or jogging in this period. Avoid any lifting more than 10 pounds or increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. Pressure prolongs swelling and can increase the risk of bleeding, jeopardizing your recovery.

Keep It Low (Low Impact, and Lower Body)

3-4 weeks after your breast enhancement, depending on how you feel, you may resume gentle, low-impact exercises focused on the lower body. You’ll continue to allow your upper body to recover at this time and avoid strenuous use of the arms. Slow, controlled lunges or squats without any additional weight are okay if your doctor approves. You may also begin workouts with a stationary bicycle.

Once the 6-week mark has passed, and your plastic surgeon clears you, picking up your routine or starting a new one is permitted. It’s important to note that patience is required. We recommend you listen to your body as you adjust to your new shape and proportions. Some exercises may require adaptation to avoid discomfort and feeling “normal” will often take many months.

Invest In A Great Sports Bra

In a beach-focused city like Miami, breast augmentation recovery involves avoiding some fun in the sun for just a few weeks. You’ll need to forego bikinis and lingerie for a short time too. Most surgeons recommend going braless or wearing only a surgical bra for 3-6 weeks to avoid unnecessary pressure on your healing breasts, and during this period, you should avoid any strenuous or high-impact activities that will jostle your new additions.

Once you’re ready to resume more vigorous exercise, a good-quality sports bra will be your new best friend. Small-chested women who didn’t need extra support during training in the past are often surprised to feel the difference a sports bra can make for fuller breasts. Finding the right quality and fit will be worth the investment.

A professional bra fitting can help ensure you’re shopping for the correct size for your new shape. Support from a sports bra should not squeeze or constrict the breasts, but instead, help hold them in place as you move. Keep in mind that implants will shift somewhat for several months after your surgery. The bra that fits you 6 or 8 weeks out may not fit as well at 6 months. As with resuming exercise, keep a conservative approach when purchasing new bras unless you don’t mind throwing them away after they’ve served their purpose.

Rest assured, your fitness goals and general health will not suffer by taking a few much-deserved weeks off to ensure your complete recovery. As you get back to working out, you’ll love how sexy and strong you feel with your new feminine shape.

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