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A firmer and tighter derrière is always desirable. Learn how the latest techniques alter the shape and size of your butt.

Butt Augmentation is a surgical procedure that modifies and enhances the shape and form of the buttocks. Butt Augmentation is becoming one of the most requested procedures. Because of aging, weight gain and loss, natural body proportions, deformities or injury, some individuals may wish to augment the appearance, size and shape of their buttocks.

Butt Augmentation

Buttock lift surgery is a contouring procedure involving lifting or raising sagging skin, resulting in a tighter more toned appearance. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a liposculpture procedure that involves the transfer of fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks for increased volume and shape. A gluteal implant (buttock prosthesis or buttock implant) involves implanting a prosthetic into the buttocks for enhanced volume and shape. Depending on your goals, your body shape and tissue structure and form Dr. Craft will work with you to create a butt augmentation plan.

Outcomes & Results

Individuals considering butt augmentation to improve sagging skin enhance overall appearance or increase volume in the buttocks may identify the following challenges:

  • Inability of dieting and exercise to improve the buttocks.
  • Excessive accumulation of sagging or hanging skin following weight loss or aging.
  • A lack of volume or ‘perkiness’ in the buttocks.
  • A lack of shape in the buttocks.
  • Buttock irregularity due to injury or deformity.

The overall outcomes and results of butt augmentation surgery are to improve the disproportionate areas in the hip to buttock aesthetics unit and, ultimately, to achieve the perfect shaped butt. For many individuals this shape can be the ultimate form of sexiness and is described as a buttock that is smaller on the top, flares to the sides and blends well with the thighs.

A Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat from other areas of your body to add volume and shape to the buttocks. A Brazilian Butt Lift does not, however, repair or remove excess sagging skin. Individuals who have lost a substantial amount of weight (over 100 pounds), and have excess sagging may require a traditional butt lift. Individuals who do not have adequate fat to transfer to the buttocks or are looking for a less invasive surgical procedure may benefit from butt implants.

Outcomes & Results


Ideal Candidates

Before determining that butt augmentation surgery is right for you, consider the following ideal candidate qualities:

  • Individuals who wish to add volume and form to their buttocks.
  • Individuals who have attempted and failed to tone and modify the shape and size of their buttocks through exercise and health lifestyle choices.
  • Individuals with skin sagging in the buttocks. Butt augmentation surgery can modify sagging.
  • Individuals who have the appropriate body shape for a butt lift. Your body must be proportionally capable of accommodating the additional volume.
  • Individuals with a body mass index that is below 35, and preferably less than 30. As the BMI increases, the complications post-surgery also increase.
  • Individuals without co-morbidities or other factors that may impede healing post-surgery.
  • Individuals who do not smoke.

Types of traditional butt lifts

Traditional Butt Lift
Traditional Butt Lift: The traditional butt lift differs from the Brazilian Butt Lift with a larger incision, and the surgical removal of thin layers of fat, tissue and skin. The procedure also tightens buttock muscles.
Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift: The Brazilian butt lift is considered less invasive than a traditional butt lift and requires smaller incisions and can help you achieve fuller, more attractive buttocks. Because the Brazilian Butt Lift adds volume and fullness to your buttocks using a fat transfer procedure, there are additional benefits to your body contour. The body fat is removed from one of more areas of your body and relocating it to your buttocks. The transfer sites will consequently have less fat and be more toned and contoured.
Butt Implants
Butt Implants: Individuals who have flat buttocks may choose butt implants to enhance over all shape and volume. Through scientific advancements, the type of butt implants and the procedures to insert them have progressed in recent years. An incision is made in the buttocks for implant insertion. The transplants are safe and provide a smooth toned voluminous appearance.

Your surgeon will work with you to identify your goals and create a butt augmentation plan that includes the most beneficial procedures for your required goals.

Butt Augmentation surgery can last anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the modifications necessary and the patient’s unique physiology. The surgical procedures differ depending on the butt augmentation surgery, however, all of the surgeries involve incisions, modifications to the fat and tissues in the fat and possibly the addition of fat to increase volume. Dr. Craft will discuss your goals with you and together you will choose the appropriate procedures.

Procedures & Techniques

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Recovery Process

The recovery time is dependent on the butt augmentation procedure chosen; however, you will be unable to sit down for some time following the procedure. The time limitation can be up to three weeks. In addition, butt augmentation surgeries often have recovering times of 2 – 8 weeks. If you work in a job that requires a lot of sitting, lifting or straining you may need to modify your duties in the weeks following the surgery.

Generally, post-operative instructions call for rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time. The surgical sites will be covered in bandages. Your surgeon will give you instructions on providing an optimal environment for wound healing.

You will not be able to sit or lay on your buttocks for up to three weeks. Your surgeon will give you a physical activity schedule for your recovery. You may need to wear a compression support garment.

As the body recuperates, the patient can expect some swelling, and discomfort. Medication can be prescribed to relieve any pain caused by the procedure.

The stitches will be removed shortly after the surgery depending on the procedure(s) involved. Your surgeon will give you instructions for follow-up appointments as necessary. Although there will be a slight scar it will become less prominent in about a year. Dr. Craft may recommend scar diminishing cream if scarring is a concern for you.

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