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Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck addresses excess lower abdominal fat and sagging skin just above the pubic area. Some individuals may lose some muscle tone in the lower abdomen causing problem areas that include sagginess and/or excess fat. These problems are caused by pregnancy, including skin fold after a C-section, some weight gain and loss, aging, or genetic predisposition.

Sometimes maintaining a healthy lifestyle including healthy food choices and exercise are not enough to eliminate these problem areas. For many of these individuals a mini tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) is an effective solution to their problem areas. This procedure is designed for those who wish to remove the pouch above the pubic area and have a flatter and tighter lower abdomen.

Mini Tummy Tuck Comparison

In comparison to a traditional tummy tuck, the mini tummy tuck involves a smaller area, targeting excess fat and skin just above the pubic area while a traditional tummy tuck involves the entire abdomen. One of the most differing areas of a mini tummy tuck when compared to a traditional tummy tuck is the belly button. A traditional tummy tuck removes skin and tissue beneath and above the belly button, requiring surgical repositioning of the belly button. A mini tummy tuck is able to remove the excess skin and tissue and repair damaged muscles of the abdominal wall without repositioning of the belly button. A mini tummy tuck is recommended for individuals who have a taut abdominal wall, have some effects (sagging or excess skin) from weight gain and loss (between the belly button and pubic area) and do not have a significant protrusion of the abdomen.

Limitations to a mini tummy tuck when compared to a traditional tummy tuck include:

  • There are skin tightening limitations. A mini tummy tuck will only tighten the small area directly above the pubic area.
  • Like a traditional tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck does not repair stretch marks.
  • A mini tummy tuck does not repair any muscle wall separation or muscle loss above the belly button.

Because a mini tummy tuck is a less invasive than a traditional tummy tuck, the recovery time is generally shorter and there is less scarring. A mini tummy tuck is also recommended for individuals with scarring from a previous traditional tummy tuck and who may not be candidates for a second full tummy tuck.

A mini tummy tuck is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle that includes moderate exercise and a healthy diet and is not considered a weight loss aid or a treatment for obesity. Mini tummy tucks are advantageous to individuals who wish to remove stubborn fat or skin from their lower abdomen.

Mini VS Traditional

Is It Right For You?

Ideal Candidates

Before determining that a mini tummy tuck is right for you, consider the following ideal candidate qualities:

  • Individuals with some loose skin around the abdomen (under the belly button to the pubic area).
  • Women who have had a baby. The expansion of the abdominal muscles due to pregnancy can damage some of the abdominal muscles. This damage is irreparable and can cause the tissues to loosely hang some fat and skin in the abdominal area.
  • Women who have had a C-section. During a C-section, the surgeon makes incisions through many layers including layers under your skin. The manner in which these different layers heal creates different appearances to the underlying tissue and your skin.
  • Individuals without co-morbidities or other factors that may impede healing post-surgery.
  • Individuals who do not smoke.

General Procedure

A mini tummy tuck usually lasts one to two hours depending on the modifications necessary and the patient’s unique physiology.

A mini tummy tuck may include liposuction during the procedure. Your surgeon will work with you to decide is liposuction is necessary in order to give you the results you want.

To begin the procedure, a small incision is made just above the pubic region. The incision is horizontal across the lower abdomen and much smaller than a traditional tummy tuck. The skin is then stretched away from the muscle tissue, and excess skin is removed. The abdomen muscle tissue is tightened. The incision is closed; and the skin is stitched back into place.

Outcomes and Results

The overall outcomes and results of a mini tummy tuck is the elimination of the excess skin and fat in the abdominal area. A mini tummy tuck restructures and remodels the abdominal area to produce a more flattering look. A mini tummy tuck tightens the abdomen. The end result of a mini tummy tuck is a flatter abdomen with enhanced muscle tone.

Procedure& Results

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Recovery Process

Recovery Process

Generally, post-operative instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement in order to speed up the healing process and recovery time. The surgical sites will be covered in bandages. Your surgeon will give you instructions on providing an optimal environment for wound healing.

  • Your surgeon will give you a physical activity schedule for your recovery.
  • You will have weight bearing instructions and may need to wear a support garment.
  • Medication can be prescribed to relieve any pain caused by the procedure.

Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery.  As the body recuperates, the patient can expect some swelling, and discomfort.  Medication can be prescribed to relieve any pain caused by the procedure.

Dr. Craft will give you instructions for follow-up appointments as necessary. Although there will be a slight scar, your surgeon may recommend scar diminishing cream. With time the scar will become less prominent.

Normal activities can usually be resumed within two to three weeks.  It may take up to three months for the body to completely adapt to the new abdominal configuration but with proper diet and exercise the results of the surgery will be long lasting.

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