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At Body by Craft, we are proud to offer the latest, medically advanced treatments and services for positive aging and healthy beauty. We now offer the highly sought-after cosmetic service of collection and storage for fat stem cells. The only FDA approved storage facility in The US has partnered with Body By Craft to be the first, exclusive cosmetic surgery practice to offer this service, which is at the very forefront of medical research.

Many people are familiar with the popular and versatile cosmetic surgery procedure known as liposuction. The removal of fat can be performed with a thin cannula on many areas of the body or face to remove unwanted, problem fat deposits. Quite often, with fat removal as the goal, the tissue extracted is disposed of during surgery. Liposuction can provide valuable stem-cell rich material for cosmetic rejuvenation, and untold future antiaging therapies.

Purified Fat Stem Cells

Did you know that reinserting purified fat stem cells into your body can naturally regenerate all types of tissue and be used for a variety of restorative applications? The possibilities for tissue regeneration in the years to come make stem cell research one of the most exciting areas of scientific study today. Around the world, this system is already being used for effective joint healing and functional improvements beyond what could only be done with surgery before. There are untold beauty and health benefits to using a person’s own, powerful stem cells for tissue regeneration, which may be needed in the future.

We don’t want you to miss out. You can seize the opportunity today to ensure future health and anti aging possibilities with the fat you remove at our clinic.

How Are Stem Cells Collected?

Stem cell collection is minimally invasive and is an outpatient procedure, which means you can visit our beautiful clinic for a convenient and comfortable visit to have the procedure carried out. We use local anaesthetic so this simple, awake procedure requires very little downtime and clients are free to leave and return to their regular lives the same day.

The entire fat stem cell collection procedure will only take about 15 minutes. You don’t need to be concerned about discomfort and lengthy healing. Many of our clients describe the sensation as temporary pressure. The low-risk fat stem cell collection procedure does not leave scarring and allows for an abundant supply of your own, safe and natural beauty-boosting material to be collected for injection when you’re ready.

Your stem cells are cryogenically frozen and safely store in an FDA-compliant clinical-grade biorepository. They can ship to anywhere in the world so wherever you happen to be when you need it, your carefully preserved stem cell product will be sent to you. Use for joint restoration and other possible anti-aging/medical uses in future.


Your stem cells are stored until you need them to combat age-related diseases with advanced therapies.


Choosing to save your young stem cells today means that the older, future you will have more options to stay healthy and beautiful.

Combat Signs Of Aging

Your stem cells, stored today, could help you to turn back the clock and restore skin structure and appearance in the future. Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments advance every year. Stem cells could have a major role to play.

Improved Vitality

Research has suggested that stem cells increase life span and improve functioning of the blood, bones and other vital organs. A strong body translates to improved quality of life for most people.

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Build Immunity Against Disease

Stem cells can be used to combat multiple age-related diseases including those of the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. Restoring young, vital stem cells in these organs could restore long life in the future.

A person’s stem cells are able to replenish their immune system, which is essential for health and resilience. As well, the bones and blood and other body systems can begin to lose stem cells as we age. Studies have shown that injecting genetically matched stem cells in laboratory mice significantly increases their life span.

Now the general public has access to a potential fountain of youth, this is the right time for anyone considering fat removal to plan for the future possibilities of stem cell therapy.

We will be happy to discuss your interest and your options for fat stem cell storage through Body By Craft. We welcome you to contact us today and find out more.

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