Why You Should See Your Plastic Surgeon In Miami This Holiday Season

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While it’s tempting to hibernate, lay low and indulge in extra holiday comfort foods on the couch this time of year, the colder months are actually ideal to make some significant changes for your figure or facial appearance.

Typically, once beach-season hits, people start scrambling to book last-minute procedures and get into the gym twice as much, but the smarter plan is to visit your Miami plastic surgeon in the Winter. We’ve outlined a few of the top reasons our patients love cosmetic surgery during December, January and February.

It’s easier to be discrete about your recovery

Though far more socially acceptable than ever before, plenty of people still like to keep cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments on the down low. This means that choosing a time of year when it’s easier to hide away can help keep your private life, private. When the body is covered up in sweaters, pants and jackets, camouflaging body sculpting procedures is easy.

After treatment with a plastic surgeon in Miami, a little swelling, surgical garment or bandage won’t be noticeable under Winter clothes. Even for the face, scarves, sunglasses or simply staying home is expected when it’s cold out and the shorter days help if you feel impatient.

Healing incisions stay out of the sun

Out of the sun, out of the pool, covered up and clean: it’s essential to keep incisions clean and protected while healing, and UV exposure can darken scars permanently. You’ll be advised to stay away from baths, hot tubs and swimming until they heal, which is much easier to accept during the winter. Fewer hours of daylight and cold weather to bundle up in mean your scars will be well-hidden. It’s also harder to say no to beach activities when sunny weather hits which can make a recovery from summer surgery a little trickier.

Be ready for the beach

Speaking of Summer, if you undergo a procedure such as a tummy tuck or mommy makeover, it can take a few months to feel like yourself again. While initial swelling resolves in just two-three weeks, you’ll have a few more weeks of activity restrictions and a little swelling or tightness that persists longer than that. For some people, a full six months pass before they see their true, final results which means mid-winter surgery gets you ready to really enjoy warm weather by the time it hits.

When results settle, you’ll be ready to shop for a new wardrobe and show off your figure: swimwear and workout gear, sundresses and shorts. Enjoying an active lifestyle and figure-flattering styles will be more enjoyable during the Summer months.

If you want a head start on a ‘new you’ for Spring, or if you made a New Year’s resolution to finally get in shape and feel great about how you look, get in touch with a plastic surgeon in Miami today. Dr. Phillip Craft is a renowned expert in facial cosmetic surgery and body contouring procedures that reveal natural beauty and impressive results for men and women. When you’re ready to take the next step, Body by Craft is looking forward to hearing from you.

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