Miami Breast Augmentation Sizing: Try This Simple DIY Trick At Home

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Breast Augmentation

Once you have made the exciting decision to undergo a breast augmentation in Miami, there are a number of other decisions that need to be made, including your preferred size, shape, placement, and implant type. Although this may sound overwhelming, a consultation with your plastic surgeon will help you to make the best decisions for your particular needs and goals.

While most women have an idea of their preferred bra size, cup sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and should therefore not be used as a measurement when determining your ideal breast size. Instead, the following DIY tricks can be used to help you select the right size for you.

The Rice Test

A simple way to determine the best implant size for your body type is to perform the rice test. To do so, you will need a pair of nylons or pantyhose and uncooked rice. After cutting two 12-inch strips of pantyhose, tie a knot at the bottom end of each piece and measure out enough uncooked rice to achieve your desired size. Fill the pantyhose with the rice and try your DIY sizers on to see whether you are happy with the size. It is advisable to try on a variety of different tops, dresses, bras, and bathing suits with the rice sizers to be sure the size is right for you.

The Water Test

Another simple DIY that can help you establish the most suitable breast size for you is the water test. To complete this test, simply fill a plastic baggy with water. Be sure to measure the water using a measuring cup to keep track of your preferred size. Again, test out a variety of sizes and be sure to try on several outfits with your water sizers.

In-Clinic Sizers

Although the aforementioned DIY sizers are a great starting point when it comes to pinpointing the most suitable size for you, the best way to determine your implant size is using in-clinic sizers during your sizing session. During your Miami breast augmentation consultation; you will have an opportunity to try on a variety of implant sizers, which are real implants that can be inserted into your bra.

This gives you the most realistic idea of the right size for you, particularly since you can discuss your questions and concerns with your surgeon as you test them out. Although many patients have an idea of their preferred size before their consultation, it is advisable to be open minded as you meet with your plastic surgeon, as they have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with helpful guidance and advice.

If you believe you may be a suitable candidate for a breast augmentation in Miami, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Craft to take the first step towards your exciting transformation. Dr. Craft will walk you through the entire process, from the implant selection to your recovery, ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

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