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Though in previous years, many women who chose to undergo a breast augmentation in Miami did so to achieve a dramatic enhancement inspired by celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Victoria Beckham, more and more women are now requesting a change which is much subtler. Given that celebrities often inspire changing trends, it is no surprise that after Anderson, Beckham, and numerous other celebs traded in their larger implants for smaller, more manageable implants, more women have begun requesting smaller breast implants to achieve incredibly natural results.

Inspiration From Celebrities

While Heidi Montag made headlines around the world after getting size F implants in 2010, she and many other celebrities have since requested revision surgery to reduce their cup size. As a result, more patients are now inspired by celebrities with smaller chests such as Kate Hudson and Gwen Stefani who are among many famous women that leave people guessing, did she or didn’t she? The number of women requesting smaller, B or C cup size and less obvious look is now on the rise because a great improvement can be made with only a 1-2 cup size increase in volume.

Health Implications

Although breast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedures, because more women are now focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many patients are requesting smaller implants which will not hinder their ability to stay active. Disproportionately large breasts can make it difficult to participate in sports, run, or take part in fitness classes. In addition, over time, large implants can cause neck and back problems, which may make physical activity difficult and lead to poor posture.

Larger implants are also more likely to cause breast sagging, which may result in the need for a breast lift in the future. Thus, smaller, more natural implants are an ideal solution for patients in the long run and given the longevity of today’s breast implants, it is advisable to select smaller implants to enhance your bust without impeding your fitness routine or putting unnecessary strain on your body.

Achieving Natural Results

One of the primary reasons for the smaller breast implant trend is the desire many women have to make small adjustments in order to achieve their aesthetic goal without appearing to have had work done. While some women still desire a more ‘augmented’ look, more and more patients are now requesting a moderate augmentation, which is proportionate to their body and therefore appears very natural.

A skilled plastic surgeon will take into account your overall physique, natural tissue, and the diameter of your breast base to help you select an implant that can be covered by your natural breast tissue, enhancing your chest in a way which is undetectable to others. Small moderate breast implants which are placed below the muscle typically deliver the most natural results.

Whether you are hoping for a subtle change or a drastic enhancement, Dr. Craft can tailor your Miami breast augmentation to suit your particular needs and aesthetic goals. Please contact us today to begin your exciting transformation.

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