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Miracle breast growth serums, potions,and lotions have been around for as long as women have been willing to purchase them. The variety of options have become more invasive and high risk over the years, though they’ve generally not become more effective. Today, people can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on supplements and quasi-surgical treatments that do not work –often carrying hidden dangers. breast enhancement in Miami, performed by reputable, board-certified plastic surgeons is still the safest, long-lasting and reliable way to increase your cup size.

It seems like each year a new solutionfor surgery-free bra size booster comes along but these fall out of fashion just as quickly when people realize they either don’t work or damage the body. One such example is the breast injection craze that gained traction in the US roughly 7-8 years ago with Macrolane- a product marketed as injectable breast enhancement that was banned in 2012. Various formulas containing injectable fillers have been tried and tested but all lead to lumps, cysts, infection, inflammation or worse. Sometimes the hyaluronic acid derived’breast fillers’ have made mammograms impossible so these have been gradually discontinued as well. HA fillers can last anywhere from 6-9 months on average but a high volume is required to increase cup size noticeably, meaning that even if one were to forgoe cancer screening as a tradeoff, the cost to refill the volume once or twice per year at thousands of dollars, is not financially worthwhile.

Silicone Gel And Saline Implants

Lately, saline injections have been marketed as a new, ‘instant breast augmentation’. There are no long-term studies to determine what effect filling breast tissue with saline could have. It has been suggested that this is a clever way to ‘try out’ cup sizes before buying, however as a means of breast enhancement in Miami, the fact that results are extremely subtle, unrealistic and last less than 24 hours make it a poor choice.

Both silicone gel and saline implants sold in the US today have undergone rigorous testing with the highest manufacturing and safety standards possible. New generation implants are made to withstand serious wear and tear and in the case of silicone, to remain in place and inert if the shell is breached. The manufacturer warranties provided for augmentation clients are extensive and comprehensive. The safety for today’s breast enhancement surgery using implants is more reliable than ever and the look and feel of today’s implants mean natural, proportionate results that pass for real breasts. Long-lasting implants now have an indefinite lifespan with regular exams and check-ups suggested, but no expiry date or set time for secondary surgery.

Typical risks associated with elective surgery include infection, bleeding, scarring and anesthetic considerations. Talk with your plastic surgeon about safe and effective long-term breast enhancement in Miami.

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