Can You Keep Your Miami Breast Augmentation A Secret?

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Breast Augmentation

A common concern among women considering breast augmentation in Miami is how easily others may know they’ve had work done. These concerns usually revolve around the potential scar and whether results will appear natural. Cosmetic surgeons have long understood these challenges and developed techniques and technology to ensure breast augmentation results promote natural proportions while minimizing the appearance of scars. Below are some of the secrets behind the latest beauty trend: “invisible breast augmentation”.

The Funnel

One of the relatively recent additions to Miami breast augmentation clinic protocol is a special funnel device. The funnel looks similar to a piping bag for icing and is used to deposit a breast implant directly into the desired area under completely sterile and a-traumatic conditions. This funnel is much smaller than a human hand and can be utilized to place implants through an incredibly small incision- usually about 3cm in diameter as opposed to the 5-7cm other approaches would require. Since the incision for funnel use is typically placed within the crease under a breast, any degree of scar developed will be distinctly smaller and more naturally concealed than it would be from other approaches.

Smaller Implants

Recent trends have favored smaller breast implants than previous generations. Smaller implants will produce more subtle results that achieve the appearance of natural enhancement rather than obvious implantation. Whereas “D” cups and larger were all the rage in the 1980’s and 90’s, now what is known as a Brazilian, “B” is a far more common request. Additionally, trends towards under-the-muscle implant placement allow implants to add support to a breast’s shape without looking like there are objects underneath. Under-the-muscle approaches work best with saline implants since it can coax a natural slope from the implant. The end result is a fuller, enhanced appearance that looks like a real breast, only better.

Complimenting Body Type

The last way to promote subtle results with a Miami breast augmentation is to make sure the type of augmentation suits your body type. The under-the-muscle approach described above, for instance, works best for women who have limited amounts of breast tissue. An over-the-muscle approach may be more effective for women who already have a good amount of existing breast tissue. Lifestyle is also important to consider, as well. Over-the-muscle placement means the implant will not be deformed as the chest walls contract. These deformities are minor and fix themselves as soon as the body relaxes, but can make it easier to spot a breast augmentation if a woman is particularly athletic.

There are numerous ways that a woman’s lifestyle and body type can affect which augmentation approach will be the subtlest. This is where the consultation process is a significant help. You will be asked questions about your lifestyle and body type, and then this information helps identify the implant type and surgical approach that will offer the most natural looking results. Your plastic surgeon will also provide specific advice regarding recovery to minimize scarring and reduce the likelihood of anyone realizing your new look had some help.

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