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Breast Augmentation

Understandably, when considering a breast augmentation, many women are concerned about the possibility of visible scars, which can be a telltale sign of surgery. While scarring is natural following any surgical procedure, since the body naturally produces scars as the incisions heal, a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can strategically place the incisions in a way which ensures that any resulting scarring is as inconspicuous as possible. In addition, after your breast augmentation in Miami, steps can be taken to care for your scars to ensure that they heal well.

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What Causes Scarring?

Any injuries to the epidermis, the outer layer of skin, or dermis, the layer below the epidermis, result in scarring. While injuries to the epidermis tend to result in very minimal scarring, injuries to the dermis can create a more noticeable scar. Since a breast augmentation requires making an incision into the dermis, a noticeable scar is possible. However, as the wound goes through the three phases of healing, the scar will gradually become less visible. Initially, the incision site will be in the inflammatory stage and will consequently be red and swollen for the first few days as the inflammatory cells release chemicals to heal the wound.

Next, for approximately 6-8 weeks, the scar will be in the proliferative phase, during which time it may increase in size, as healing collagen gradually increases the wound’s strength. Finally, the scar will enter the remodeling phase, which typically lasts approximately 4-12 months. During this final phase, the scar will gradually shrink in size as it breaks down and replaces the healing collagen with permanent collagen. As it does so, the scar will fade from red to pink and finally white, however, the extent to which it fades will vary depending on the patient’s skin.

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What Can I Do To Help My Scar Heal?

After your procedure, it is important to adhere to all aftercare instructions provided by your plastic surgeon to help ensure that your scar heals quickly. The following tips can help minimize scarring.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: A healthy diet rich in iron, zinc, and vitamin C will aid in your recovery, ensuring that your scar heals effectively.
  • Refrain from smoking: Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen which reaches the wound, thereby slowing down the white blood cell’s ability to heal your wound.
  • Care for your wound: Take great care to change the dressing as directed by your plastic surgeon and to ensure that you do not put undue stress or strain on the incision site. In addition, be careful to keep the wound clean to reduce the chance of infection, which would worsen any resulting scarring.
  • Silicone tape: When placed directly on the scar, silicone tape or sheeting can alleviate redness, pain and itching and help to keep the scar hydrated as it heals.
  • Apply a scar cream: In consultation with your plastic surgeon, you may also wish to apply a scar cream to speed up the healing process.

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