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Breast Augmentation

A Miami Breast Augmentation can be an incredibly positive experience for a woman, especially if there is a smooth transition into the recovery phase after surgery. The best way to ensure that the recovery phase goes well is to be prepared for it. With the following effortless tips and tricks, we can help you get ready for your Miami Breast Augmentation and make your recovery a breeze for you and “your girls”.

Give Your Home A Serene Atmosphere

Your body will heal better and faster in a space that is calm and stress-free.

Set-Up A Recovery Station

Transform your bedside table into a post-operation recovery station and stock up on basic needs including lip balm, bottled water, and tissues. It is also a good idea to place your TV remote control, phone charger and cell phone there for easy access!

Gather Some Plump Pillows

Keeping your body upright at a 45-degree angle can help reduce swelling and bruising.

Say Hello To Arnica Montana

Also known as Mountain daisy, this is a herbal supplement that is used for bruising and swelling. It is recommended to take it two weeks before and after the breast augmentation procedure.

Use Cocoa Butter

Once you received the green-light to shower, we suggest using a gentle cocoa-butter based lotion after showering since post-op skin can be dry and flaky.

Find Childcare For Human And Fur Babies

After the surgery, you should be resting and relaxing so taking care of the kids or walking the dog is off your list of to-dos.

Plan Your Meals

You may not feel like cooking an extravagant meal immediately after your breast augmentation, so try to find easy-to-prep foods or make your dishes ahead of time.

Pineapples, Dates, And Peaches Are Yummy

The combination of pain medications and being prescribed to stay in bed can lead to problematic bowel movements. Water will help with any constipation, as do white grape juice, prune juice and canned peaches!

Getting Used To Your First Bra

Your doctor will likely prescribe a post-op compression garment or bra for you to wear for the first few weeks after the procedure. It will provide sufficient support and comfort, as well as be breathable and easy to remove.

Freeze Ice-Packs

Snuggling with some ice packs after surgery can help with swelling, bruising and pain. Remember to follow the “20-mins on and 20-mins off” rule for about three days post-op for the best results.

Shop For Some Comfortable And Loose Clothing

Try to opt for a wardrobe that has buttons or zips up at the front post-procedure because it will be difficult pull a t-shirt over your head.

Be Ready With A Plastic Trash Can Or Bag In The Car

This may not sound pleasant, but the anesthesia and post-operation medication can cause nausea for some. So, in case you are not feeling well on your way home, this plastic trash can will come in handy and save your car interior.

Buy Some Tendy-Straws

These will come in handy for sitting back and relaxing with a nice cold glass of juice.

That’s it! These straight-forward and simple tips can help you through the recovery phase of your Miami Breast Augmentation so that you can enjoy your new body sooner. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Craft Clinic for more information.

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