Why Not Treat Yourself To A Breast Augmentation In Miami This Holiday Season?

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Breast Augmentation

Perhaps this is your first time considering a luxurious self-care splurge, or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a fuller, shapelier chest for some time, and you’re wondering if this might be the right season. At Body by Craft, we suggest that one of the best holiday presents you can unwrap is a new, improved figure that you feel great about. Read on to find out why the holidays offer a great opportunity to take the next step and schedule a breast augmentation in Miami.

Winter Holidays Are An Excellent Time For Treating Yourself To Cosmetic Surgery

In Sunny Miami, people enjoy our gorgeous weather and world-class city all year round. In particular, Winter months can be the perfect time for scheduling plastic surgery because it’s common to have available vacation time which makes planning a relaxing recovery easier. Summer breaks are often filled with travel plans, beach activities, swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the vibrant nightlife.

People often expose more skin in the summer months too. We think the naturally slower pace and more covered-up style in the colder season make it ideal for discrete, low key surgery recovery, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on all the Summer fun.

Who Is An Ideal Miami Breast Augmentation Candidate?

Many of our patients once had fuller, perkier breasts and after pregnancy, they seek a restored, youthful look. Others have always wanted more volume or an improved shape. We cater to a wide variety of body types and goals so you can have a very personalized and natural-looking augmentation that is just right for you.

Dr. Phillip Craft is renowned as an artist and skilled plastic surgeon. Our clients fly into our elegant facilities from around the world to undergo body sculpting and enhancement procedures. You should be in good, general health ready to make a positive, permanent change. We’ll spend considerable time with you, one-on-one, walking you through the process and all the beautiful options available.

Making Your Procedure Work For Your Schedule & Budget

Holiday gift-giving and travel plans can add up, and we want to ensure our clients choose the timing and procedure which is best for them, without financial restraints posing a roadblock. That’s why at Body by Craft, we offer a payment program that allows flexible options. The financing provides a range of “no interest” or “extended” plans up to $25,000, so you can take advantage of a Miami vacation over your Winter break and get the gift you really want.

If you’re ready to treat yourself to the very best in expert breast augmentation, Miami offers 5-star service, warmth and luxury to make your entire treatment experience one to remember. Even when the weather is chilly elsewhere, we have beaches, blue sky and exotic, coastal attractions to make your stay the most memorable gift you ever give yourself.

If you have questions about scheduling a holiday procedure with us, we welcome you to call today and take the next steps toward a new you for the New Year.

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