Breast Augmentation in Miami: What Is The Difference Between Teardrop and Round Implants?

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Breast Augmentation

Patients seeking breast augmentation in Miami often discover both teardrop-shaped and round implants in their search. Do you know what the difference is?

You may be surprised to learn that a variety of types, shapes and sizes of implant are used for breast augmentations in Miami. Your plastic surgeon will explain the benefits of each and recommend the ones that suit your needs. In the meantime, here’s a guide regarding the primary differences between shaped and round breast implants.

Miami breast augmentation with teardrop implants

Teardrop implants (also called anatomic implants) are designed to mimic the gravity-influenced shape of a real breast. They’re made from cohesive silicone gel, and they hold more volume in their lower portion than the top. The upper part of the implant is designed to lay flat against the chest wall, then gradually slope forward. Often referred to as “gummy bear” they tend to feel firmer than other silicone gel implants. They need to be a little less reactive so they can hold their preformed teardrop shape. These implants have a textured silicone shell, further designed to maintain their position within the body.

Round breast implants

The most commonly used variety of breast implants in North America today, round implants have a silicone shell and can be filled with either saline liquid or cohesive silicone gel. Silicone implants come pre-filled and cover a variety of widths and desired dimensions. Their gummy contents are softer and more easily compressed, so they tend to move more naturally and feel softer to the touch.

Do teardrop implants look more natural?

That was the intention when inventing them. However, over time and hundreds of thousands of patients receiving either type, it’s become evident that round silicone implants will move and shift along with gravity, which can make them appear teardrop shaped and natural. Additionally, when a patient lays down, their round silicone implants will move just as real breast tissue does, but tear-drop varieties stay constricted in one form.

Are there risks for breast augmentation with shaped implants?

There are risks and considerations for any cosmetic surgery and choosing experienced; reputable plastic surgeons can help mitigate many of these. For teardrop-shaped implants, in particular, the possibility of moving out of position under the breast tissue is a concern. If the implant rotates within the body, the look will be visibly odd-shaped and asymmetric, requiring surgical correction. Round, smooth implants can rotate freely within the breast pocket as they are perfectly symmetric.

Another potential drawback for the teardrop option is that the incision used to insert it will usually have to be larger than for other implants.

Because no studies prove the superiority of anatomical breast implants, and some notable drawbacks, many leading Miami breast augmentation surgeons prefer the natural look and reliable safety of round breast implants.

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