IV Nutrition Therapy

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At Body by Craft, we are dedicated to providing you with complete, customized care throughout your transformation.

At Body by Craft, we are dedicated to providing you with complete, customized care throughout your transformation. During your consultation, Dr. Craft and the Body by Craft team will take the time to get to know you in order to determine how to best meet your needs and fulfill your goals.

IV Nutrition Therapy

Our Patient Care Coordinators and clinical team will develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan to ensure you are supported and informed every step of the way. We work together to support your overall health and wellbeing before, during, and after your treatment(s). We offer premium health and beauty treatments to compliment your chosen therapy and ensure optimal results. Your Patient Care Coordinator will arrange every detail of your procedure, ensuring that it is a safe and stress-free experience. Your health is of the upmost importance to us, which is why we offer Nutrient IV therapy as part of your treatment plan.

Ensuring Optimal Health

Most people don’t consume a high enough daily dose of vitamins and minerals or cannot experience their valuable benefits because of poor absorption and metabolism of nutrients taken by mouth. Nutrient IV therapy is an excellent, proactive way to ensure that you will be in optimal health both before and after your procedure- providing for a rapid recovery. Custom, IV therapy releases natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the bloodstream, helping to boost energy, optimize healing mechanisms, improve your mood and counteracting malnutrition or dehydration.

The administration of a nutrient IV takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes while you rest comfortably in our luxurious facility or your nearby hotel room. With enough advance notice, our staff is happy to come to you- always keeping your convenience in mind. During the treatment, nutrients that are naturally found in your body will be replenished, assisting in the function of your organs, immune system and ideal nutritional balance.

Nutrient IV Therapy

Accent Your Natural Beauty

Pre-Operative IV Session

While each individual has a different tolerance for pain, most people do not find Nutrient IV therapy to be a painful procedure. A small needle is used to administer the IV and our trained, expert team will ensure that you are kept comfortable throughout the session.

After your pre-operative IV session, you can resume normal day-to-day activities in beautiful Miami because the procedure requires no downtime. In addition to the overall health benefits, Nutrient IV therapy can also be used to target specific concerns. Dr. Craft and his team of enhancement specialists take a holistic approach to providing custom care tailored to each, individual client. Your surgical procedure will be selected and artfully designed to address your needs and accent your natural beauty.

Cater To Your Needs

The pre, and post-surgical IV therapy recommended for you will also cater to your needs in an individualized way.

  • The Performance Hydration formula, recommended for professional or recreational athletes, improves stamina and combats fatigue.
  • The Fountain of Youth formula improves the growth of skin, hair and nails, and promotes brain function.
  • Glutathione is an extreme anti-aging formula, which encourages cell regeneration, resulting in a brighter, more youthful appearance, while also protecting cells from disease.
  • The Executive formula is best suited to individuals who want to improve their memory and focus. Often recommended to busy professionals, this treatment can improve your energy and mood.
  • The Liquilift is a high-impact, multi-tasking formula, which improves mood, brain function, focus, and rehydrates organs.
  • Rise and Shine is a formula designed to restore and replenish essential vitamins and minerals, significantly boosting energy. This treatment is ideal after a long night out or a vacation.
  • As its name suggests, the Natural Defense formula boosts your immune system to help prevent illness or speed up the recovery process.
  • Finally, The Spark is a B12 injection, which works to increase your metabolism, while also improving energy levels.

If you have any medical concerns such as kidney problems, fluid retention or other health conditions, this will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Craft and he will assess your suitability for the treatment in order to ensure your safety. Most people who are in good general health will benefit greatly from IV therapy and negative reactions are extremely rare.

Super Immune Cocktail
Super Immune Cocktail: For individuals who are prone to infections or exposed to germs and illnesses (think teachers, airline workers and healthcare professionals), the Super Immune cocktail is designed to keep you well. It offers a mix of nutrients to enhance the body’s natural immunity. It is recommended as a weekly treatment for boosted immunity.
Pre-Operative IV Therapy
Pre-Operative IV Therapy: Protects the body and speeds up the recovery process from surgery and airborne illnesses. This IV delivers high dosage of Vitamin C and other nutrients necessary to lower the risks of complications and empowers your body to heal properly.
Post-Operative IV Therapy
Post-Operative IV Therapy: Obtain all the vitamins and minerals that will maximize your body’s full potential towards optimal health and recovery.
Additional Add-On Support
1. Vitamin Booster Shots: Vitamin D can stop cold and flu symptoms, while Vitamin B12 and B-complex are known to boost energy

2. Glutathione Push: Powerful anti-oxidant eliminates free-radicals and supports the effectiveness of traditional treatments in those with chronic conditions

Benefits Of Nutrient IV Therapy

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Preventative Medicine

Initial Consultation

Your entire treatment will be monitored by our skilled medical staff and any discomfort or concern can be addressed immediately. Most people feel energized as soon as they begin treatment and love how it makes them feel. IV Nutrition Therapy is a premium health and beauty service that sets our practice apart from those that simply create changes visible on the outside of a person. We view this valuable investment in your inner health and beauty as one of the most important aspects of your cosmetic surgical procedure experience.

Preventative medicine such as nutrient IV Therapy may help you to avoid future infection risks, fatigue, bodily discomfort, even colds and flu. This means avoiding unnecessary doctor’s visits and medication while you look and feel your healthiest. When you are discharged on the day of surgery you will have the optional service of a healing care aid / registered nurse to accompany you on your first night offsite. We also offer a private car service to and from the Surgical Suite to facilitate post op appointments or we will arrange to come to you in your hotel suite.

The Craft enhancement team takes pride in caring for your overall health and well-being like no one else. During your initial consultation, Dr. Craft and the Body by Craft team will explain the various benefits of IV Nutrition therapy in order to help you determine which formula best meets your needs and answer any questions you may have about the treatment.

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