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Everybody wants the most beautiful results possible from their breast enhancement surgery. Choosing the top Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon in Miami is your first step on the road to a beautiful, natural breast augmentation procedure. What you do during your recovery can be just as important and you should be sure to ask questions during pre-operative planning.

The beautiful weather and active lifestyle many BA patients in Miami enjoy mean that following activity restriction instructions during their BA recovery can be difficult, but the results are well worth it.

Important Recommendations

The following are some important recommendations about how to keep moving safely and comfortably after your breast implant surgery. These are general guidelines and each person is unique so it is important to check with your Plastic Surgeon about the optimal plan for you.

Walking right after surgery is both possible and advised. Walking is a great way to ensure good circulation in the legs- important after surgical procedures. It will also help you to be independent and somewhat social. Sitting still can keep you focused on discomfort and can contribute to constipation. You will be advised to avoid cardio activity for 2-3 weeks after surgery. Spiking your heart rate and blood pressure directly after surgery can increase the risk of bleeding and lead to increased swelling. Talk to your Plastic Surgeon about when the right time to increase exercise will be for you.

Avoid Swimming Pools

You will want to wear a supportive sports bra or post surgical bra which has the benefit of gentle compression, and no underwires to ensure safe, soft support. You may typically begin lower body strength training and running or hiking at roughly 3 weeks after your procedure. Leg presses and squats are ok but be careful not to lift with the upper body or overuse the arms at this point.

You will be advised to avoid swimming pools, hot tubs and baths for roughly two weeks which is the length of time required to ensure that your incisions are well-closed. Pools can have a high bacterial content and your incisions will be at risk of infection until they are completely closed. If you are lounging at the beach or poolside, ensure that your incisions are completely covered and that sunlight cannot reach them. Once healed, a strong sunblock is advised over your scars because scars can tend to develop excess pigment and darken when exposed to UV light.

Workout Routines

Roughly 6 weeks post op is when patients are usually allowed to begin upper body work outs. The implant pockets are considered healed and strong at 6 weeks, however you may still feel sensitive and your pectoral muscles may still be a bit inflamed and tight so working out will feel strange.

It is advised that you begin slowly, at roughly 25% of your usual weight and intensity, then work your way up to heavier workouts and more reps if you choose to. Talk to your Plastic Surgeon about your usual workout routine and when will be realistic for you to resume all normal activity. The firm, high appearance of breasts can last 2-6 months, depending on the implant size and your muscles so you will need patience and care to heal well and see your final, soft, natural results.

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