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Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery as a gift may sound strange to you. However, as more people become familiar with cosmetic procedures and unashamed to talk about body improvements, sharing these benefits with friends and loved ones is more common too.

In Miami, breast augmentation is the top-requested procedure, and more women choose to beautify and balance their proportions this way every year. The past social stigma is gone, and with newfound acceptance, the idea of gifting this confidence-booster has caught on. Are you looking for that perfect, positive holiday or birthday gift? Do you want to show someone you care about them and give a present that will last? Here, we’ll talk about the ins and outs of cosmetic surgery gifting; how and when to do it, so that your gesture is well-received.

How should you talk to someone about their breast augmentation in Miami?

No doubt, cosmetic surgery can be pricey and offering to help offset that cost for someone you care about could be a huge relief. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure that you understand their wishes and desires, you may overstep your boundaries. You’ll need to proceed with caution and sensitivity. Communication is key, which is why we never recommend a ‘surprise” surgery gift. Even if you live for the joy of thrilling people you love with unexpected presents, this is not the right situation to do so.

Instead, someone who has already expressed their wish to have a procedure, or who is in the process of planning a breast augmentation already, may welcome your help. Typically, close family members, best friends and romantic partners are the people positioned well to be involved. If you’re not extremely close with the giftee, you may want to consider an idea that’s a little less intimate and life-changing.

There is, of course, the possibility that a person will either feel uncomfortable proceeding with surgery, or they won’t be a good candidate for other reasons.

To be supportive of their goals and decision, we recommend you standby through the consultation process. If they’re comfortable with their chosen plastic surgeon, the treatment plan and ready to proceed with breast augmentation, at that point you can offer to pay or help offset the cost. It’s essential you not provide outside pressure, and keep the recipient firmly in the driver’s seat so the planning and scheduling proceeds according to their comfort level. If they should wish to cancel or postpone at any point, they should feel completely free to do so.

It’s often easier and a little less complicated to give gift certificates for cosmetic services at a practice your friend already visits. For instance, if you know they enjoy facials, filler or Botox at their favorite cosmetic surgery clinic already, calling ahead to purchase a gift certificate for their preferred services will likely be a fabulous, much-appreciated gift.

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