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Dr. Phillip Craft and his clinical enhancement team at Body by Craft are dedicated to the rejuvenation of your natural beauty.

Dr. Phillip Craft and his clinical enhancement team at Body by Craft are dedicated to the rejuvenation of your natural beauty. At this clinic, we want to uncover your best and most natural, healthy version of you by promoting health and wellness with holistic approaches in combination with traditional cosmetic procedures and treatments. We wish for you to feel transformed both inside and out after our treatment programs.

Hormone Testing

With our new lifestyle medicine, we help patients achieve optimum and long-lasting results through proper nutrition and correction of hormonal and/or toxic imbalances in the body. In many of our offered lifestyle programs, we focus on nutrition. Low testosterone is sometimes referred to as, “low T” when men in particular have insufficient testosterone levels. Chronic fatigue, a low sex drive and mood swings can all indicate that a man has had a drop in his testosterone levels. At our wellness center, we offer good news to men who aren’t feeling like their best selves. Testosterone testing and replacement can rejuvenate a man’s vitality and confidence.

Hormones are the natural messengers of your body and organ systems. They are capable of regulating your body functions, behaviours and physiology, including respiration, digestion, metabolism, sleep, growth, movement, reproduction, mood and stress. Essentially, hormones control virtually every aspect of your life, ranging from your behaviour to your state of mind, body contours, eating habits and stress response. Unfortunately, such delicate system can be disrupted easily in multiple ways, leading to an imbalance in body and life.

Common Hormone Imbalances

Typically, when we talk about hormones, the first ones that come to mind are the three sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

  • 1. Estrogen is the primary female hormone. It is the master regulator of the female reproductive system and stimulates sexual libido and fertility. Estrogen is essential for proper development of the female characteristics.
  • 2. Progesterone is a similar hormone to estrogen, as it has a role in the menstruation cycle and pregnancy. It is also a key regulator in the production of sex and stress hormones.
  • 3. Testosterone is the primary male hormone. It is a stimulator of muscle growth, body hair and controls sexual desires, mood and vigor. Men and women both have testosterone but like estrogen, testosterone in men is required in appropriate, higher levels for the development and maintenance of male characteristics.

It is crucial for all bodily hormones to be present in the correct ratios because an imbalance will trigger a range of symptoms such as acne, depression, migraines, breast pain, cellulite formation, low libido, hair growth and loss, and weight fluctuations. The two most common hormone imbalances experienced by patients are estrogen dominance and low testosterone levels.

Hormone Types

Signs & Symptoms

Low Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone levels occur when the body cannot produce sufficient amounts of the male sex hormone. Its signs and symptoms can include a pale face, loss of or inability to gain muscle mass, fat gain, dry eyes, hair loss, infertility, difficulties reaching sexual gratification, femininized features and erectile dysfunction. Psychologically, low testosterone can cause depressed feelings, irritability or apathy, increased fatigue, and trouble falling or staying asleep. This type of hormone imbalance is typically experienced by men who are between the ages 30-50.

They will often notice changes in their body such as lower sexual function first because the symptoms are obvious and can have a negative effect on relationships and confidence. Changes to a man’s physique such as depleting muscle mass, hair loss, and complexion issues will often bring him to an aesthetic specialist, personal trainer or plastic surgeon to talk about improving their appearance. Lack of sleep and mood swings may be mentioned to their primary care physician, but a lot of men don’t know how to connect all of these issues or realize they might all have one, single cause.


Testing for the problem of low testosterone has become more accessible than ever and can be the beginning of resetting a man’s whole life back on track. An imbalance of hormones in the body can be triggered by lack of balanced nutrition and an insufficient exercise regimen. Diets that are too heavy on carbohydrates, soy, beer, unhealthy fats, sugar and processed foods, while also insufficient in fiber, may contribute to hormonal imbalance.

Who doesn’t live a stressful life? When a man’s daily stress levels are consistently high, his body will be making cortisol more than testosterone as a defence mechanism. Low blood sugar due to skipping meals will also trigger cortisol. Its goal is inflammation suppression and elevating blood sugar for energy- so that a man can fight whatever battle is causing stress. This cycle played out on a consistent, daily basis is not healthy and can lead to high blood sugar, storage of fat in the intra-abdominal area and breakdown of readily available muscle protein for fuel.

The fat stored around internal organs, also called visceral fat, is a very unhealthy type, linked to many health issues. It also causes the abdomen to protrude and is often referred to as a beer belly. Aging is another large contributor to the decrease in prominent sex hormones for both men and women. Restoration of proper hormone levels in the body will have an effect on anti-aging and promote a younger, healthier you!

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Hormone Therapy

Low Testosterone Testing

At Body by Craft, we offer hormone testing for men as a method of identifying appearance and wellness issues related to hormonal problems. We specifically focus on low testosterone testing at our clinic with a simple method. The test begins with a comprehensive medical evaluation and an analysis with either an urine, saliva or blood sample. When the results are returned to the clinic, the baseline hormones are established and a treatment plan can be developed to address the problems. Throughout the treatment, the clinical team will conduct ongoing analysis of your hormone levels to ensure that the treatment is effective and safe.

Aside from behavior modifications, stress reduction and customised nutritional plans, we also offer replacement hormone therapies in the form of injections, topical creams and oral medication. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that uses hormones which are chemically identical to the ones naturally occurring in our bodies. These hormones restore the body’s balance by replenishing levels that have naturally declined with age. The best method of treatment for you will be personalized according to your needs, to help you regain your optimal health.

You too can experience less depressive moods, stronger sexual drive, decreased erectile dysfunction, better concentration and sleep, mood stability and increased energy as a result of hormone therapy. We welcome you to call the wellness team at Body by Craft and get back on track.

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