How To Find The Best Surgeon For Breast Augmentation?

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Choosing A Surgeon

One of the most important decisions you make on your breast enhancement journey will be choosing a highly skilled and experienced Plastic Surgeon. Many people know that they should research the Plastic Surgeons in their area and consider meeting with those who have the best credentials and achieve the best results, but how can you know who is the best breast augmentation Plastic Surgeon? There are a large number of surgeons and Plastic Surgeons performing popular procedures in Miami.

This sunny destination is a hot spot for Plastic Surgery and many people travel here to enjoy, “destination transformation” but careful research about the many doctors in this beautiful city is just as important as it is in any location. The following are some important questions you can ask to ensure that you find the best BA surgeon, for you.

ASPS Plastic Surgeons

First, you must find out how long has the surgeon been performing breast augmentation? An experienced plastic surgeon will have adept and natural ways of handling the intricacies and challenges for this procedure. Practice does make perfect and you want to see someone who has perfected this operation.

Ask if he or she is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)? Their members are the most qualified in their field, having passed rigorous testing to qualify for the membership. You can be assured that ASPS Plastic Surgeons have undergone advanced training, conducted research studies, and are up-to-date on the latest technology available in their field. Your chosen Plastic Surgeon should be a board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Schedule A Consultation

General surgeons can perform cosmetic surgeries, but board certified Plastic Surgeons have undergone additional, extensive training in this specialized field and have passed testing to ensure they are skilled and knowledgeable. Learn and ask about what your consultation will involve.

You should be provided with a face-to-face meeting with your Plastic Surgeon, the opportunity to ask all of your questions and share your concerns, as well as learn about your available options and the considerations for this procedure. He or she will review your medical history with you and provide an exam for planning purposes. A surgical quote is provided so that you know what the costs will be if you choose to proceed. Your consultation should not feel rushed. A Plastic Surgeon who takes the time to answer your questions and provide follow up information for you can also be counted on for consistent post-procedure care.

Patient Reviews

Your Plastic Surgeon should have patient reviews available and a gallery of before and after photos. You cannot be expected to make an important decision about your cosmetic surgery if you aren’t able to see your surgeon’s results and to hear from other patients they have had. Most surgeons can direct you to this information online and may have examples to view in office as well.

Fees for cosmetic procedures will vary by location and practice, but remember that lowest price will not necessarily represent your best cosmetic surgery option. This decision lasts a lifetime and you deserve the very best.

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