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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery in the United States, and there are a number of fascinating elements to this popular enhancement that anyone considering a breast augmentation in Miami should know before deciding to undergo the procedure. Here are a few of the lesser-known secrets about breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Is Surprisingly Hands-Off

Many people are surprised to learn that no one actually touches the breast implant during an augmentation procedure. Instead, the implant is delivered into the carefully created pocket through something called a Keller Funnel. Picture a device that resembles a pastry or icing bag and you will have the right idea. Squeezing out the implant directly into the breast during a Miami breast augmentation has several benefits.

The most immediate is that it makes preserving sterility much easier since the implant goes directly from a sterile package to a sterile Funnel to the breast without any outside contact. The tip of the Keller Funnel is also smaller than a surgeon’s hand. This allows for an implant to be inserted through a smaller incision than conventional means and results in a shorter scar.

Modern Implants Can Withstand Astounding Pressure

The possibility of a rupture is something anyone with breast implants has to live with, but the actual likelihood of such an event is far less than most people tend to believe. Modern implants are spectacularly durable and can be expected to withstand up to 175 pounds of pressure for saline or up to 300 pounds of pressure for silicone gel. This makes them more than capable of withstanding the rigors of daily life whether they include contact sports or zealous partners.

Having said that, it’s important to understand that no medical device can be guaranteed to last indefinitely and the chance of rupture increases slightly after the ten-year mark. The good news for anyone undergoing a breast augmentation in Miami is that cohesive silicone gel implant damage is not an emergency situation. The non-liquid, semi-solid contents of today’s advanced implants retain their shape and stay put even when cut. The body absorbs the sterile salt water, which fills saline implants, and a procedure to replace the damaged implant in either case can be scheduled with your surgeon.

Breast Augmentation Is Increasingly Popular & Easier To Conceal

Breast augmentation rates have gone up over 200% over the past two decades, yet modern approaches make the results markedly less obvious than they were in the past. This is great news for clients who desire natural-looking, beautiful body enhancements. Interestingly, the reasons why women pursue breast augmentation (improving the fit of clothing, balancing asymmetry, etc.) have remained constant over the years despite changing trends in fashion and societal ideas of the perfect body type.

Breast augmentation results have also grown more subtle and flattering and promote natural-looking enhancements rather than obvious cosmetic work, which have helped increase the procedure’s popularity. It takes between 5-7 days to be able to return to office work following a breast augmentation, which allows the procedure to be done over a long weekend or short vacation. This makes it easy to have a breast augmentation and ensure that only you and your surgeon know your secret.

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