Can A Breast Augmentation In Miami Be A Great Gift Idea For The Holidays?

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation

You may be surprised to learn that more people today are gifting more cosmetic procedures than ever before. The sale of pre-paid gift certificates at plastic surgery clinics have gone up, and folks are helping their moms, spouses, friends and neighbors with ‘look good, feel better’ treatments.

As you may have guessed, there are some serious concerns around tact, sensitivity and more, so we’re offering a guide to help you give anything from Botox to breast augmentation in Miami this Holiday season.

Here’s What Works Well For Cosmetic Presents

The choice to undergo surgery or aesthetic procedure of any kind is a very personal one. For some, regular injectable treatments, facials and more are considered to be an ordinary and necessary part of life. For others, the cosmetic industry represents a mysterious or unfamiliar world, and they need to learn more before jumping in enthusiastically. That is why you can never assume someone will want a procedure.

If a friend or partner told you they want a procedure such as breast augmentation and they’ve independently sought a board-certified plastic surgeon they trust, they may be in a great position to accept a gift covering costs. The initiative to plan for body enhancements must always be independent and never pressured or influenced by anyone else.

The Winter Holidays In Miami Are Ideally Suited To Breast Augmentation

We all know that when the weather is hot, and Summer vacations are in full swing, many people like to hit the beach wearing as little as possible and keep active. Unfortunately, none of that fun stuff is ideal for a BA recovery. Temporary swelling and activity restrictions require people to relax, and many choose to heal out of the public eye.

Prospective patients often have vacation time available over the Holidays and can take a week away for the breasts they’ve always wanted while soaking in the coastal beauty of Miami. Breast augmentation patients can return to regular life and work feeling confident, and by the time beach season hits, they’re ready. Why not start the New Year with body improvements you feel fantastic about? One of the best gifts you can give yourself, or a loved one is a fresh start and renewed confidence.

How To Gift A Breast Enhancement Procedure

When considering the gift of surgery or minimally invasive treatments, it may be tempting to surprise someone you care for. We like surprises too, but at Body by Craft, we don’t suggest you ever plan that sort of bombshell when it comes to physical changes for someone else’s body. The best way to give an extraordinary gift that is well-received when it comes to surgery is to talk openly with the giftee about the procedure, planning and payment before stepping in.

At Body by Craft in sunny Miami, breast augmentation is performed in our elegant, fully-accredited operating facilities in the expert hands of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Phillip Craft. We’re pleased to offer a vacation destination in a beautiful, world-class city. No matter what time of year you visit us, your stay will be a memorable one and a luxurious gift.

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