Do Saline Breast Implants Look Different Than Silicone?

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Are you planning a breast augmentation in Miami and need help deciding what the most natural-looking implant is? Today’s patient has multiple, safe and beautiful options, but sometimes too many choices can make planning a little more confusing. You may read conflicting information online and wonder, do saline implants really look or feel different than silicone? We’re here to help. This article outlines some key characteristics for both implant types and what BA patients have to say about them.

What Should You Know About Silicone Breast Implants?

In 1992, safety concerns surrounding old implant types led to the silicone option being taken off the market. For over a decade, only saline implants were legally available for implantation in the breast. Medical device manufacturers spent years engineering and reimagining leading-edge technology that eventually replaced the previous implants used for breast augmentation in Miami. The FDA has approved the new generation of cohesive silicone gel implants.

Saline is a saltwater solution used to fill a thin, silicone shell after it is placed inside the body. Silicone gel implants, however, come pre-filled with a non-liquid gel that has a density and tactile feel similar to real breast tissue. They are available in a variety of volumes, shape, and projection, to provide patients with results ranging from voluptuous to naturally, subtly enhanced. Many people choose silicone given the improved safety record and more realistic feel; however, some still feel more comfortable with the saline option.

Are There Still Advantages To Choosing Saline Today?

The shell of these implants is extremely tough silicone. The implant is inserted while empty so that it can be rolled up and placed through an extremely small incision, then filled while inside. Because of the fluid contents, saline implants can be prone to showing rippling or, scalloped shell and this is a concern for those with thin skin and breast tissue. As well, the contents are essentially water, so the movement is fluid and not similar to glandular tissue.

Saline implants may be slightly more prone to rupture, but the liquid is harmlessly absorbed by the body in these cases, and though a revision surgery is required shortly after, there is no health risk present if the implant deflates. Because of the tiny incisions, lower cost and visibility of a breeched shell, some clients prefer going this route. Unless they have thick, ample breast tissue to camouflage the device, rippling or watery movement may be a drawback of saline, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Silicone Is A Preferred Choice For Breast Augmentation In Miami

Given the option to choose a durable implant that looks more realistic and feels natural to the touch, most clients will opt for silicone gel. For those with thin skin and minimal breast tissue, it can offer the best chance of having a natural augmentation that is difficult for others to detect. Silicone will feel lighter in the breast tissue than water so may cause less sagging over time.

They are more expensive and require slightly larger incisions, though these implants are impressively malleable and can still be placed through incisions as small as an inch or so, depending on their volume. The multi-layer outer silicone shell holds a cohesive, gummy material which stays together even if the outer shell is breached. While this means that it will not travel throughout the body in the event of shell damage, it also means a rupture is less detectable, so regular breast exams and MRIs are recommended.

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