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Have you ever wondered what one of the leading plastic surgeons for breast enhancement in Miami tells his patients about recovery? We’ll let you in on a secret- every great surgeon wants their patients to recover fast and free of problems. The faster you heal, the lower your chances of issues such as infection or visible scarring will be. As well, a quick, problem-free surgical recovery means happy clients and that always makes surgeons happy too. Read on to learn a few of the important instructions that all our cosmetic clients are given to ensure great results.

1. Treat Yourself To A Vacation And Help At Home

That’s right- you deserve it. If ever there was a time to hire a cleaner, child or pet care, directly after your Miami breast enhancement surgery is the right time. This is because although you’ll be up and about, you aren’t permitted to lift or pull more than roughly 10 pounds of weight for the first 6 weeks and you won’t be able to drive as long as you’re taking strong pain medication. It can be a big stress reliever to have friends, family or a temporary maid take care of the heavy lifting for you.

2. Stay On Top of Pain Management

Although breast augmentation and breast lift procedures are often reported to be less painful than expected, you can expect some discomfort for at least the first 5-7 days post-op and you’ll want to be prepared. A sensation of stretched, tight skin can be due to implants or tissue swelling. This is normal and your surgeon will plan ahead using long-acting anesthetic in the chest tissues during surgery and prescription pain medication for use after. As well, anti-nausea medication is often helpful as anesthesia may cause you to feel queasy when you wake. Sometimes people wait until they are in significant pain before taking medication. We recommend that you stay ahead of it by taking pain relievers as prescribed for at least the first few days until most swelling subsides.

3. Take Those Exercise Restrictions Seriously

You’ve chosen one of the best plastic surgeons for the breast enhancement you’ve always wanted. They’ve done a beautiful job and now all you need to do is go home, be patient and follow instructions. But what if you miss the gym? Or, you’ve bought a new bikini and can’t wait to jump in the pool? Your caring surgeon will sincerely ask you to wait until you get the all clear for aerobic exercise, upper body workouts, swimming, baths, even sex! They know you’re active and healthy and waiting can be frustrating, but the risk of acquiring an infection, bleeding inside the breast pocket or other complication is not worth taking chances. Hold off until you’re allowed to get back to all your favorite things- we promise the wait will be over before you know it.

For more information about what a Miami breast enhancement and recovery could be like for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation and come talk with us.

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