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Dr. Phillip Craft is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with two practice locations in Miami, Florida, USA. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Plastic Surgery Destination

It may be tempting to limit your search for an excellent Plastic Surgeon to your immediate area or to plan for surgical recovery at home, but what our many out of town patients have found is that the whole transformation journey matters. You take investment in your body and well-being seriously and we encourage you not to settle for less than Dr. Craft’s elite team in beautiful, sunny Miami.

From consultation to recovery, with our caring and discrete team taking care of every detail and ensuring that your experience is flawless, you can’t get this level of care and luxury at home.

A very large number of discerning patients from around the world travel to see us. We believe we’ve perfected a seamless, planning process for cosmetic surgical guests in order to ensure an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

When making reservations on your own, we ask that you please reference our corporate account, “Body by Craft, Inc. Plastic Surgery” in order to obtain our corporate rate. If you require any assistance, we welcome you to contact one of Dr. Craft’s Patient Coordinators at 305-535-3550 to assist with details for your stay with us. Assistance with transportation, chaperoning, and accommodations are our specialty.

Dr. Phillip Craft

Virtual Consultations

We know that busy lives require some innovation and flexibility. For your convenience,

long-distance consultations have been made easier than ever.

Dr. Phillip Craft
Dr. Phillip Craft

Conducting a Virtual Consultation

Dr. Craft’s patients find that our virtual consultation process – conducted via Skype, facetime, phone, or email – is able to accommodate almost any schedule and allow for discrete, detailed discussion. Your desired treatment, expectations, and all concerns can be addressed directly with your surgeon from the comfort of your home- or wherever you happen to be. You receive one-on- one expert feedback and advice before planning next steps.

When you are ready to begin, please send us an email at info@bodybycraft.com. Your Patient Coordinator will be happy to respond to you by phone or email. We will schedule your virtual consultation at your convenience and you can begin looking forward to the transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

Step One

Emailing Photos

General Tips
In preparation for your private consultation, we will ask you for a series of well- lit, clear photos so that your Surgeon can see your areas of concern. It is best to have someone else take the pictures for you. Unfortunately, the clear, balanced photos we require with proper pose and posture cannot be well done with selfies. We will ask you to stand in front of a blank background such as a solid or white wall – allowing your Surgeon to see optimal detail.
Tips for Those Seeking Facial Treatments
If you’re interested in a facial treatment, we will ask that you take 3 different photos for facial planning: one front view photo, looking straight ahead. One ¾ view, and one side view- a profile. For best assessment, please ensure that in each photo, your entire face – from the top of your face down to your collarbone – is in view. Please do not smile for facial photos as this can flex muscles, stretch the skin and distort features. We will welcome your smiling photos when you’ve recovered and returned home to enjoy your refreshed look!
Tips for Planning Body Treatments
If your desired treatment is for the body, the photography process will be explained by your Patient Coordinator, as each, specific treatment and body area will require procedure-specific photos. We will walk you through the requirements.
Tips for Those Seeking Anti-Aging or Weight Management Treatments
The anti-aging and weight management treatments we are renowned for will require some preparation and planning between you and your personal Patient Coordinator. We will discuss with you all the steps necessary to ensure your visit will be powerfully productive. During your visit with us we will run all necessary labwork, diagnostic testings, and medical history assesments in order to access how to help you achieve the best you possible.
Processing Time
At times it may take up to 48 hours for Dr. Craft to review photos after they have been received, however, we do our best to respond as quickly as possible. It is important to note that in some cases, photos do not attach or send properly. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, kindly contact our clinic. We ask that you verify all photos submitted to us are clear and in focus. Our attention to detail is meticulous and we want you to get the most from your consultation experience, so if any photo is blurry, we must ask you to retake it.

Scheduling Your FaceTime, Conference Call, or Skype Consultation

Once your photos have been reviewed by Dr. Craft, your Patient Coordinator will email you with Dr. Craft’s recommendations as well as an approximate cost for the surgery or treatment advised. This is the first of your two-step, comprehensive consult process. When you carefully review and agree with the approximate plan and surgical quote, a remote consultation will then be scheduled with Dr. Craft – typically to be done via Skype – where his recommendations can be explained in greater detail. If you do not use Skype, a consultation may be conducted on FaceTime or on the phone. We’ll encourage you to share your aesthetic goals and questions with Dr. Craft. At the time of your remote consultation, a more detailed cost estimate will be provided to you and financing options can be explored, if you wish.

Step Two

Step Three

Scheduling Your Procedure

After discussing the best treatment plan options with Dr. Craft, your Patient Coordinator will assist you with scheduling your treatment date. The length of time we will ask you to stay with us will depend on which procedure(s) you are having done. Logistics and travel plans are our specialty and our concierge service ensures all aspects of your procedure and trip planning run smoothly and seamlessly for you. We haven’t overlooked a thing you will require for your stay.

Your Patient Coordinator will help you to coordinate dates for travel, assist with accommodation booking at one of our fabulous luxury partner hotels, and much more. We can arrange for private drivers, child care, personal trainers, assistants and nurses as well, all while keeping your costs as low as possible. This is our specialty – leave it to us.

When every detail is taken care of- you can relax and let your surroundings begin to restore body and mind. We will invite you to arrive at least a few days prior to your procedure and take in the famous beaches, wellness treatments, fabulous cuisine and nightlife that Miami offers. One or two days prior to your scheduled surgery, you will be examined by Dr. Craft and final questions and plans will be reviewed. We will let you know what to expect after your procedure and detailed instructions will be given to ensure optimal recovery. After you are discharged on the day of surgery, we’ll also offer the optional service of a healing care aid / registered nurse to accompany you on your first night. Additionally, we offer private car service to and from the Surgical Suite. You will be close by in order to attend post op appointments and we can also arrange to come to you in your suite. Your overall health and well-being are paramount while healing. Ask your Patient Coordinator about ways you can stay healthy, revitalized, and recover faster.

When you are ready to return home, we will want to keep in touch to ensure you are making excellent progress- looking and feeling your best. Dr. Craft will ask you to send him photos of treatment areas occasionally, in order to assess your progress.

We invite all of our patients to call and/or email us with questions or needs as they arise and we are always happy to hear updates long after you’ve recovered. We invest a lot of time and energy into our out of town patients because we know that they often travel great distances to see us. These patients generally leave a lasting impression on our office. We are honored to help you achieve your goals of living a healthy and beautiful life.

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