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Breast Augmentation

As with any cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation will require a recovery period before returning to work and strenuous, every day activities. During this 5-10 day time, relaxing and taking good care of your new assets will be your top goal, so it’s easy to understand why the idea of a breast augmentation vacation makes sense.

Having a breast augmentation in Miami means that you’ll be able to enjoy world-class restaurants and amenities, stunning weather, and the care of talented plastic surgeons. Here are just a few of the reasons why this sunny destination is a top tourist attraction for breast augmentation.

Sun, Surf, & Nightlife

One of the more common reasons women pursue breast augmentation is so they can be more comfortable in a variety of clothing, or feel more confident putting on a swimsuit. Undergoing a breast augmentation in Miami means you’ll be able to transition seamlessly from surgery, to recovery to the beach, and enjoy your new look immediately.

Miami also has a vibrant, culturally diverse social scene and our cosmetic surgery clients often stay a while to enjoy going out and meeting people they won’t bump into back home. This offers an excellent opportunity to express the new confidence that a breast augmentation can bring.

Surgical Talent

Undergoing a breast augmentation in Miami means selecting from talented, top-tier cosmetic surgeons. In addition, Miami’s surgeons are very familiar with cosmetic tourism and can help you plan your vacation in advance. This assistance can range from recommending nearby hotels to sending skilled medical staff to visit you right in your Hotel room. Some clinics also offer fly-in packages that are specifically designed for people interested in making their cosmetic surgery process and recovery as enjoyable as possible.

Tourist Treats

Miami is an internationally renowned tourist destination for good reason and spending time in the city will expose you to world-class restaurants, a wide array of shopping opportunities, museums, theatre and amenities, which give this vibrant city its amazing reputation. Even if you aren’t looking for a way to show off your new look, it will be easy to find something fun and exciting to do.

Tips For Planning A Breast Augmentation Vacation

Timing is often a key detail when incorporating breast augmentation into vacation plan. Even when clinics offer virtual or remote consultations, expert surgeons will want to see you in person before the date of your surgery so they can assess you and discuss last-minute details. You’ll also want to include follow-up visits in your itinerary so your surgeon can watch your progress and give you the all-clear before returning home. Since everyone responds to surgery differently, try to book extra flexibility into your schedule in case you need to stay a day or two longer than planned.

It can be beneficial to bring a friend or family member along on your trip. Not only are vacations more enjoyable when shared with your favorite people, but your companion will be able to assist you during the day or two immediately following your breast augmentation running errands and allowing you to relax. Minimizing physical strain will help your recovery, so packing light is also advised.

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