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Learn More About Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Breast explant in Miami is also known as breast implant removal surgery. It’s more common than you may think and can offer peace of mind, confidence, and help improve body image for patients who want to remove their breast prosthesis.

Breast Explant

Patients visit our Miami surgical centre for numerous reasons, all very personal. Your reasons for seeking breast explant surgery are as unique as you are. Dr. Phillip Craft will customize your treatment plan and the Body By Craft team is here to support you through every step.

You’re invited to schedule your consultation with us to learn about techniques and breast implant removal prices.

Our modern plastic surgery destination clinic offers luxury and discretion with world-renowned breast augmentation specialists.

Breast Explant Surgery

Whether you’re interested in a breast implant exchange or capsulectomy and removal, there will be a procedural technique best suited to you and your goals.

Many people are familiar with popular options to enlarge and enhance the breasts such as fat transfer and breast implant surgery. However, in some circumstances, a person may desire implant removal.

Implant rupture, breasts that feel too heavy, and capsular contracture (thick scarring surrounding an implant) are all factors for scheduling removal.

As well, if you desire a different implant size, a change of placement (under or over the chest muscle) or upgrade to a newer generation of breast implants, breast explant and exchange surgery is ideal.

Those who had their breast augmentation decades ago or in a country with different safety standards than the USA may choose to remove and replace their implants with silicone gummy bear implants in Miami so they can feel confident in the industry’s highest health and safety standards.

Why Breast Explant?

About Breast Explant

Breast Explant Surgery

Breast explant surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours. You may choose to combine your explant with an implant exchange or with a mastopexy (breast lift) procedure, which will increase the length of time required and cost.

Incisions necessary to remove breast implants can usually be placed in the crease under the breast. This location provides the best visibility and lowest risk of complication. Incisions typically heal quickly and are well-hidden in the breast fold.

The most common technique for explant is called En Bloc, which means ‘in one piece.’ This approach removes breast implant devices and the surrounding scar capsule (a thin layer of tissue.) If scar thickening or tightening are present, or if there are unusual cell changes, the capsule is removed entirely for analysis and to mitigate future issues.

Breast implant removal in Miami is done under a general anaesthetic. Dr. Craft will discuss your options and any concerns with you, then select the anesthesia type which is safest for your procedure.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Explant in Miami?

The compassionate and experienced team at Body By Craft is happy to listen and understand your body goals. Sometimes the decision to enlarge one’s breasts years earlier will feel too large or uncomfortable in the present. Patients may develop breast tightness or an implant rupture. They may also want to address breast tissue sagging and opt for smaller, lifted breasts.


Questions about breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) have grown in recent years. This rare type of immune-related cancer is not breast cancer. It is specific to breast implant capsules and research so far shows it’s usually associated with textured implants. A small percentage of the population report this issue each year and respond well to treatment through breast explant surgery. Patients are advised to report changes in breast size or appearance to their primary care physician.

What Is Breast Explant Recovery Like?

Each patient’s procedure is personalized, and their healing time may vary. Typically, breast implant removal allows for a much faster and more comfortable recovery than the initial, primary augmentation. Because you aren’t implanting and stretching tissue in the area, only minimal bruising or pressure are reported, if any.

You’ll return home or to your hotel the day of your procedure with medication to reduce discomfort. A few straightforward care instructions such as avoiding infection risks (swimming, baths) and avoidance of heavy lifting will be advised.

We recommend that you plan to take one week off and arrange for help with childcare, pets, and physical work around your home to allow a stress-free healing period.

Dr. Craft will let you know when you can safely return to the gym and your daily activities. In the long term, protecting your scars by covering up or wearing sunblock can help them to fade and become barely visible.

Breast Explant

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Why Body By Craft?

The Body By Craft Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Center in Miami

Dr. Craft is pleased to treat clients in the greater Miami area and from across the globe. His stunning, boutique-like offices in Miami Beach welcome you with a seamless out-of-town guest experience and assistance throughout your entire planning process.

Our private, level 3 OHP surgical suites house an excellent team of nurses, anesthesiologists, and surgeons.

Breast Implant Removal Cost In Miami

After you meet with Dr. Craft to discuss your needs and plan for implant removal, you’ll receive a personalized quote with breast explant cost outlined. Just like breast augmentation prices by state vary due to facility costs, medical devices, and specifics, your quote will be customized.

We partner with medical financing companies and we’ll connect you if you’re interested in offsetting surgery costs through a payment plan. If your case involves a health insurance component, we’ll discuss it with you during your consultation.

Book Your Consultation For Breast Explant Surgery In Miami

During your private consultation with Dr. Craft, you’ll learn what the procedures you’re interested in entail, how to prepare, and what to expect while recovering. You’ll receive an exam, personalized recommendations, and a quote for breast explant cost in Miami.

We understand that changing your body can come with complicated feelings and questions. You’ll never be rushed at Body By Craft and we make it a priority to ensure you’re listened to and well informed before making the decision that’s right for you.

Please call or fill out our contact form. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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