The Pros Are Greater Than The Cons When Considering Breast Augmentation in Miami

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Breast Augmentation

It’s no secret that many women pay close attention to the image they present to the world. Regardless of how stylish, fit and attractive someone may be, feeling self-conscious about their breasts can negatively affect their lives. Breast augmentation in Miami remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around, and it looks like each year, the number of people seeking this surgical enhancement will continue to increase. changing the size, shape, and symmetry of the chest through the insertion of breast implants has never been more accessible for regular women who want to feel better about their figures.

Are There Pros & Cons?

When planning any procedure, it’s understandable to have concerns or questions. No surgery is without inherent risks, and you’ll need to consider your goals and options to determine if this is the right step for you to take. One thing is sure; most women who undergo a BA say they love their results! The following are just a few of the top reasons why we feel that the pros outweigh cons when it comes to breast augmentation.

Body and proportions almost immediately. When clothes fit better, and you feel comfortable in your skin, that translates into an overall happier, more positive outlook. Sometimes an augmentation is the catalyst to a person making significant lifestyle changes to get in shape and maintain that beauty inside and out.


The procedure techniques and materials used have advanced significantly in recent years; however, the cost for a standard BA has decreased. Affordable pricing along with the availability of medical financing make breast enhancement Miami breast augmentation perks


This is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery. With faster, easier recovery time than ever before and minimal tissue trauma involved, BA patients tend to bounce back quickly after having implants. The incisions are very small and heal fast, swelling is minimal and just a few activity restrictions required. Patients can go home the same day and take only one week off work.

A Confidence Booster

Most patients report feeling better about their more accessible to the average person.


When you seek a qualified and experienced breast augmentation surgeon, this procedure is very safe and simple. The method of insertion involves very little trauma or bleeding and plenty of precautions are taken to ensure healing is problem free. The whole process takes only an hour on average which means minimal time under anesthetic and minimal chance of complication.

What Are The Most Common ‘Cons’?

Capsular Contracture

This is the complication most people researching the procedure have heard of. Your plastic surgeon will explain the risks, what to watch for and all the steps they take to prevent it. Though it’s the biggest BA concern, the risk of experiencing this problem remains very low in the hands of expert surgeons.


Leaking or rupture was once a more common problem, both because of the less durable materials used for breast implants and because liquid silicone contents raised severe health concerns. Today’s implants are entirely redesigned, extraordinarily resilient and contain either saline or a cohesive gel silicone which is not liquid. Rupture is possible but a rare concern. Talk with your plastic surgeon about precautions and what to watch for.

As with all cosmetic surgery, the chances of loving your results for years to come will increase based on the caliber of plastic surgeon and practice you choose. While there are always important questions to answer, there are plenty of positive reasons to consider a breast augmentation in Miami.

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