Breast Augmentation In Miami: New You For The New Year!

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Breast Augmentation

At Body by Craft, we applaud the kind of healthy choices that men and women make each new year while striving to reveal their beautiful best self. Some decisions are free and easy- less junk food, more aerobic exercise, meditation- but others require extra.

Breast augmentation in Miami is a top cosmetic surgery choice year after year because let’s face it; even if you’ve worked hard to get in shape and boost attractiveness naturally, there’s no way to safely and permanently increase breast size without help from a plastic surgeon. We’re going to explain why now could be the best time ever to get help feeling great.

When’s The Best Time For A Miami Breast Augmentation?

The weather is beautiful year-round in our sunny city and any time is an excellent time to visit, but scheduling cosmetic surgery requires adjusting one’s work and social schedule. Post-holidays, many people take time off for mid-winter vacations and for those who want discrete breast enhancement surgery, this could be the most natural time to slip away without raising questions.

You’ll need roughly one week to rest and heal, depending on what you do for work. If you have an active life and job, further modification or time off may be required.

Bundle Up & Get Ready For A Big Spring Reveal!

You can choose any time of year that suits you best to improve the look of your chest, but we think cooler temps make a perfect cover. If you live somewhere that’s cold and snowy right now, you’ll likely wear woolly layers and huddle up indoors until the frost melts.

Due to normal swelling, possible surgical garments and breasts that feel a bit stiff or firm at first, covering up easily in baggy layers can be preferable to heat and sweat. It’s notoriously hard to hide a fresh breast augmentation under the Miami sun while wearing summer clothes, but if you retreat for a few months, your new figure will be more than ready for a sexy reveal in the spring.

The Benefits Of Breast Enhancement Are Long Term

The overwhelming majority of BA patients state they are satisfied with their results and many say they wish they’d done it sooner. That’s because so much can change when you transform something previously bothersome about your body. If you feel more proportionate and confident in all manner of clothing, you may choose a more exciting wardrobe, get out and socialize more, even feel more at ease in intimate relationships. We can never overestimate how much long-term satisfaction may come from choosing to improve a part of you. It’s a highly personal choice and one that may benefit you for years to come, not just this new year.

If you’re ready to talk about next steps, we’d love to hear from you. Dr. Phillip Craft is a renowned plastic surgeon and expert breast enhancement specialist. He’ll listen to your goals and offer a personalized recommendation to help you get the shape you’ve been dreaming of.

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