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At Body by Craft, we believe that finances should not be a roadblock in the way of physical health and psychological well-being.


CareCredit is a payment program that allows flexibility so that you can take care of payments on a schedule that works conveniently for you. The program is specifically designed to let you begin treatments immediately while payments are made over time in low, monthly installments. This financing program offers a wide range of “No Interest” and “Extended” payment plans for procedures and treatments that cost up to $25,000.

A “No Interest” payment plan offers three, six and twelve-month plans with no interest as long as the monthly payment is received within the specified time. The advantages of using CareCredit are that as a patient, there is no immediate, up-front cost, no early payment penalty and no additional fees to use the service. It is a revolving credit line that allows patients to receive any treatments that will boost their well-being, and does not require reapplication for additional procedures.

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Alphaeon Credit

The majority of cosmetic surgery procedures are classified as elective, meaning that unfortunately, insurance companies will not cover the cost. At Body by Craft, we believe that finances should not be a roadblock in the way of physical health and psychological well-being. That is why we offer our patients multiple financial options to ensure that clients can reach their goals faster. Aside from paying with cash or credit, many patients also find it to be a simple, hassle-free option to finance their payment through CareCredit or Alphaeon Credit.

In addition, Body by Craft is also pleased to offer our patients special financing options with Alphaeon Credit. As a patient financing program, Alphaeon Credit works through Comenity Capital Bank to help increase approval rates, give greater credit limits and offer a wide range of payment plans that are suitable for any budget. It is a credit card for covering procedures, treatments, and services performed by certified dermatologists, ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons. Alphaeon Credit aims to ensure that patients have the funds necessary when needed.

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Patient Financing Programs

Financing Options

GreenSky Patient Solutions®

GreenSky® was founded on the idea that payment, credit and commerce could be enhanced using technology and elegant user experiences. We believed payment and credit could be an asset that empowers and enables commerce, not a distraction or impediment. Today, GreenSky delivers a service that helps business grow and delight their customers.

GreenSky’s mission is to help businesses grow and delight their customers. Our vision is to lead the future of payments, enabling accelerated commerce and transparency for all.”

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