Weight Loss Programs

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We have weight loss programs that are designed to help patients kickstart their body transformation and stay feeling fit.

As a key element of Body by Craft’s devotion to the rejuvenation and enhancement of natural beauty, our clinical enhancement team will always use a holistic approach to promote health and well-being for the body and mind.

Weight Loss Programs

We find that patients are able to maintain their new, slim contours when they leave us if they have had coaching and assistance with healthy self care. In addition to the cosmetic and body contouring procedures offered at our clinic, we also have weight loss programs that are designed to help patients kickstart their body transformation and stay feeling fit through healthy eating and exercise. Our weight, nutrition and general fitness impacts how we feel biologically and how we look aesthetically. Most of us know that being overweight can cause increased risk of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, osteoarthritis, sleeping and mood disorders, cancers and mobility issues. Weight gain is a common problem for many people because of all the factors that contribute to it.

Common Influences

Here is a list of some common influences:

  • Food sensitivities that cause inflammation in the body
  • Unnecessarily high caloric intake
  • Nutrient deficiencies that lead to accumulation of fat and poor cellular nutrition
  • Declining gastrointestinal function that results in inadequate nutrient absorption, poor hydration, low fiber intake and so on
  • Hormone imbalance that affects metabolism
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Other factors including genetics, toxicities and slow metabolism

Luckily, many of these contributing causes of weight gain can be controlled by our lifestyle choices. Sometimes all we need is to combine our motivation with medically sound teaching and coaching which will set us on the right track and ensure we have the tools to keep going.

Causes Of Weight Gain

Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Successful Weight Maintenance

To encourage lifestyle changes for weight loss, finding and working with the right program is important and can ensure we get the results we desire. Successful weight maintenance comes from nutritional science, healthy physiology and certain prescription medications. Body fat is affected by age, hormones, level of physical activity, stress and so on. Our clinical team at Body by Craft have expertise in these areas and are here to lend a hand in helping you effectively lose pounds and gain lean muscle using all aspects of weight maintenance.

This is especially important for anyone that has undergone body contouring procedures to remove excessive body fat because they want long lasting results. To achieve this, our clinic offers a variety of plans for weight loss and management and regardless of the program you choose, we will personalize the treatment for you to reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Furthermore, weight loss is a journey that can be physically, emotionally and psychologically difficult. At Body by Craft, you will not embark on this path alone. Our clinical team will help you to stay on track, and reach your weight loss goals through an effective and supervised program. You can expect to be working with a licensed medical professional in a clinical setting with a treatment program that will achieve long-term weight loss and management.

Physical Management Components

Within your weight loss program, there are different components for physical management and these can vary depending on the individual. These components include:

  • Behavioural therapy through diet and exercise: Modifications in lifestyle choices that influence proper nutrition and adequate amount of physical activity are key to appropriate weight maintenance and management. Our weight loss team will provide education and training programs to ensure you receive proper, safe and enjoyable exercise routines.
  • Nutritional plans: Our clients find it very helpful to learn and understand the relationships between food and health. The body draws its energy from three different forms – carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Knowing that the body readily uses carbohydrates before protein and fat for energy can help you to understand how certain diets work effectively, then develop healthier eating habits. The program will provide a detailed, supervised diet that increases fat burning and boosts your metabolism.
  • Pharmacotherapy: Some weight loss programs use prescribed medications to aid in effective shedding of fat. Under medical supervision, these prescription medications are given to maximize fat burning potential.
  • Hormone therapy: Depending on the individual and their medical evaluation, hormones are potentially a significant contributor to weight gain. Proper adjustments to hormone levels carried out by our clinical team can effectively help lose weight.

Weight Loss Program

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A Custom Approach

Phases Of Weight Loss

The process of your weight loss program will involve a series of steps that promise steady progression towards your goal. Our clinical team will first do an initial assessment of your physical health and medical history. This will include detailed laboratory tests and a physical examination to get a clear picture of your personal health baseline. We will also be learning about the potential contributors of weight gain in your life during this initial consultation meeting.

The next step is the official start of your weight loss journey with us. Here, we will discuss the details of the selected program and begin. From there, you will attend weekly visits to the clinic to systematically track your success, pick up any prescription medications and receive encouragement and support from the team.

You will notice that throughout your course of treatment, the weight loss program has three well-defined phases. Each individual program has these three common elements:

  • An acute weight loss phase: You will lose approximately a pound a day.
  • A transition phase: You will continue to drop pounds while applying the new-formed habits from weight management education and medication and/or supplements.
  • A maintenance phase: You will successfully integrate the healthy lifestyle habits into everyday life to maintain a healthy weight and trimmed silhouette.

Our weight loss programs can be very complex, containing multiple components and phases. That is because weight gain is a multifaceted process. Each individual is unique and responds differently to diet, exercise, environment and stress. At Body by Craft, we recognize that you are unique and we tailor our weight loss programs specifically for each patient. This custom approach ensures that patients can successfully regain control over their eating habits and health through sustainable lifestyle changes. Through our weight loss programs, we work alongside you to provide motivation and support throughout this incredible life-changing journey that offers long-term health and vitality.

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