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Each year, an estimated 300,000 women opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The various benefits of this cosmetic surgery procedure are responsible for its ever-rising popularity. While the overall goal of a breast augmentation in Miami is to improve the shape and size of the breasts, many other factors influence women’s interest in this procedure.

To Achieve Rounder, Fuller Breasts

One of the most common motivators for women undergoing breast augmentation surgery is the desire for rounder, fuller breasts. Even when patients are satisfied with the size of their chest, they often hope to achieve a fuller, perkier look.

To Increase Their Cup Size

Oftentimes, women seek breast implants because their own breasts are disproportionately small for their body. In some cases, this is a result of a medical condition known as micromastia, in which a woman’s breasts do not fully develop during puberty.

To Address Asymmetry

While minor asymmetry is not uncommon, moderate breast asymmetry often prompts women to undergo a breast augmentation to correct the asymmetry, while adding volume to the breasts. Individuals who suffer from micromastia often experience asymmetry.

Weight Loss Has Changed The Size Or Shape Of Their Breasts

Significant weight fluctuations can impact the size of your chest. As a result, women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight often find that their breasts are no longer as full or perky as they were previously. A breast augmentation, often in combination with a breast lift, can remove and tighten excess loose tissue, while restoring the chest to its previous size.

Pregnancy Has Changed The Size Or Shape Of Their Breasts

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often causes breasts to sag or droop. In many cases, breasts can appear smaller, or deflated once you have discontinued nursing. For this reason, many women undergo a breast augmentation or combination breast lift and augmentation to restore their pre-baby body. It is advisable for patients to wait until they have finished growing their family before undergoing this mommy makeover, as future pregnancies will impact the results.

To Look & Feel Younger

Overtime, as a result of the natural aging process and the effects of gravity, many women begin to notice changes in their breasts. A breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift can be performed to restore the patient’s breast position to a higher, perkier one and elevate nipples which have lowered over time, helping them look and feel younger.

To Improve The Fit Of Their Clothing

Many women struggle to find a bra or swimsuit top that fits or simply dislike the way their clothing fits as a result of their breast size. This causes many individuals to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in their clothing, which often leads women to consider a breast augmentation.

The decision to undergo a breast augmentation in Miami is highly personal. Regardless of your motivation, provided that you are doing it for yourself, a breast augmentation can improve your body image and have a positive impact on your life.

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