What You Should Wear After Your Breast Augmentation in Miami

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Breast Augmentation

When you’re planning a breast enhancement surgery, some previously insignificant things start to seem fairly important. Changing your figure, even subtly, can impact your wardrobe- both your current clothing options and the way you shop in the future. Planning to dress the new curves after breast augmentation in Miami is exciting for most women but can also feel daunting. What if your clothes don’t fit? What size will you be? Should your personal style change?

There’s no rush

Today’s breast augmentations in Miami come with fast recovery times and are much more comfortable than before, but patience is still required. Your body’s natural inflammatory process and the gradual adjustment of breast tissues mean that you’ll need at least a month or two for breasts to settle into a soft and natural shape. Depending on your implant size and physical characteristics, the wait could be a little longer.

While you’re swollen and breasts feel tight, shopping for clothes will not only be uncomfortable, but sizing could be inaccurate.

No doubt you’ll be eager to try on lingerie, swimwear, slinky tops and dresses that highlight your shape. Initially, and for a few weeks, loose-fitting sweatshirts, zip up and button up shirts will be far more practical.

Think of it this way; you’ll keep your breasts under wraps while healing and when it’s time for the big reveal, they’ll be soft, settled and entirely natural-looking.

When it’s time to shop, look in new fashion directions

Now is your chance to reveal a different side of yourself. Many women are delighted to find that style choices they previously avoided, suddenly look appealing and make them feel more confident too. If you avoided figure-hugging clothes or anything low-cut before, why not add a few of these items to your closet?

You’ll also need to plan for more support than you’re used to. For athletic women, it can come as a surprise that the breasts move while running and working out. Even a small amount of additional weight can be noticeable over time with regular activity. Bras, swimsuits and exercise tops with wider straps and fuller cup support will help protect your investment. Sports bras that have medium or firm elastic will help prevent much shifting when you’re in action.

Take bra shopping to a new level

Once you’ve completely healed from your breast augmentation in Miami and your surgeon clears you to wear what you want, it will be time to go bra shopping. Did you know that many women have no idea what cup or bra band size they are? This is an excellent time to meet with some professionals in higher-end shops and have measurements taken. Once your breasts have softened and dropped- at roughly 2 months- you’ll be able to get an accurate idea of the bras that fit your shape the best. It’s well worth it to invest in some custom pieces that you’ll love and look great in for years to come.

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