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Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is a transformative cosmetic surgery procedure. As such, the decision to undergo this procedure is not one which should be taken lightly and you will likely have a number of questions that you would like answered before you feel comfortable scheduling your surgery. Your consultation is an opportunity to discuss your concerns as well as your goals and motivation for seeking a breast augmentation. Honest and transparent patient-surgeon communication is vital in order to ensure optimal results. The following questions should be discussed during your Miami breast augmentation consultation.

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How Long Have You Been Performing This Procedure?

Prior to scheduling your consultation, it is imperative to do your research and select a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon. In addition to verifying your surgeon’s qualifications, it is advisable to select a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing breast augmentation surgery as a track record of experience helps to ensure that your procedure goes smoothly.

What Incision Site Is Most Appropriate For Me?

While you may have an idea of your preferred incision site ahead of time, it is important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the axillary, areolar, and inframammary techniques with your plastic surgeon to determine the most suitable incision site for your needs.

What Type Of Implant Do You Recommend For Me?

Many patients arrive to their consultation with a predetermined idea of their preferred implant material, but your plastic surgeon will have a thorough understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of saline versus silicone and can guide you in making the best decision for you.

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Which Placement Is Most Appropriate For Me?

Your plastic surgeon can outline the pros and cons of under the muscle and over the muscle placement and will take your goals for the procedure into account when recommending the most appropriate placement for you.

Where Will The Procedure Be Performed?

Although Miami breast augmentation surgery tends to be an out-patient procedure, it should always be performed in either a hospital or fully accredited private surgical facility.

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How Long Will It Take To Recover?

Your plastic surgeon should provide you with a clear and realistic idea of what to expect during your recovery so that you are well prepared for the surgery and can schedule the necessary time off from work and other responsibilities. In addition to discussing a timeline for your recovery, you will be provided with a detailed list of aftercare instructions, including what side effects to expect and how your pain can be managed.

How Many Appointments Are Required Before & After The Procedure?

Finally, the price for the procedure should be discussed during your consultation as well as any financing options, if applicable. Your plastic surgeon should outline the number of pre and post-operative appointments necessary and whether there is an additional cost associated with these visits.

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