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Breast Augmentation

At Body by Craft, we offer our patients expert consultation and personalised cosmetic surgery for the breast. A popular and frequently requested treatment is a Miami breast augmentation, which enhances the shape and volume of the breasts to create a more feminine and youthful body contour. The reason behind each woman’s breast augmentation varies for a number of reasons. If you’re interested in breast enhancement, we’ve provided some of the common reasons why thousands of women choose this surgery and why you can too.

Improving Your Body Proportions

You may feel that your body proportions are not ideal and that may affect your confidence, and body image as you struggle to fit the clothes you like or show off your shape. Often, women with underdeveloped breasts need to purchase tops and bottoms in two dramatically different sizes. A Miami breast augmentation is a fantastic way to improve body proportions with natural-looking results.

Restoring Volume To Breasts After Childbirth Or Significant Weight Loss

Many of us are aware of the physical changes that occur after pregnancy or breastfeeding. The breasts may change shape and often lose volume, leaving behind lowered self-esteem and negative body image for many women. Similarly, for individuals who have successfully achieved significant weight loss, breasts may not appear as perky as they once were. This is unfortunate as childbirth and becoming a healthy weight are both accomplishments to be celebrated. Luckily, these life-altering events can continue to be celebrated without the worry of disproportionate breasts because a breast augmentation at Body by Craft will boost volume, shape and cleavage for a more flattering appearance.

Correct Asymmetry Of The Breasts

The majority of women have breasts that are not symmetric, but the difference in size is often subtle. However, when this imbalance is quite visible and obvious, it can become an issue and negatively impact a woman’s self-confidence. Having asymmetric breasts makes it very difficult to find well-fitted bras and swimwear. It can also dictate the style of clothes a woman can wear. At Body by Craft, we recommend our patients consider a breast augmentation to bring the breasts back into balance while improving their overall contour.

Regain A Youthful Silhouette

As we age and our bodies succumb to the effects of gravity, we may find that our breasts are no longer as perky or youthful. To defy such signs of aging, a breast augmentation is a great solution that restores the volume and fullness to create a fresh and younger-looking body contour. To a certain degree, mild deflation or sagging may be improved without the need to undergo a breast lift. Your plastic surgeon will assess and explain to you what your best options are.

Restore Confidence And Self-esteem

Finally, one of the most common reasons that women seek a breast augmentation is to restore or increase their confidence and self-esteem. Although it overlaps and intertwines with all the other reasons for a breast augmentation, improving a woman’s breast proportions can improve her happiness with regards to their body, fashion, relationships and life.

At Body by Craft, we enjoy the fact that every day we help our patients feel good about their bodies and themselves. A Miami breast augmentation is a safe and powerful way for many to restore confidence about how they look.

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