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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures are a super popular and trendy cosmetic surgery that many women have thought about – in fact, you may be considering a Miami breast augmentation yourself. Well, before you make a final decision on this major life-transforming experience, you likely have some questions that you want answers to but are uncomfortable asking. To help you relieve some of the stress there, we have some expertise answers to the most frequently-asked Miami breast augmentation questions.

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Are All Breast Implants The Same?

There are a number of breast implants available to choose from when you decide to undergo a breast augmentation surgery. They all offer different outcomes yet are also similar in certain ways.

Breast implants can be the same in terms of their quality, sterility, durability and outcomes because they are regulated by rigorous standards set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration. All breast implants also share the fact that thousands of women have had a positive experience with them and little complications.

Breast implants are different in what they can offer you. They can be smooth or textured, round or tear-drop shaped, low or high projection and filled with distinct materials such as silicone gel, gummy bear silicone gel or saline. Depending on what you want, the type of implant to use will vary because there is no one-size fits all rule.

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Are Breast Implants Permanent?

Your results from a Miami breast augmentation will last long-term, typically for 10-15 years after the initial surgery. After that length of time though, you may notice that your breasts are looking less perky as a result of gravity’s effects and want a second breast augmentation surgery to correct this. Some women undergo additional surgeries for other reasons, such as ruptured implant, change in size or development of scar tissue around the breast implant.

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Will A Breast Augmentation Surgery Improve My Sex Life?

According to a small population study, most women reported that a Miami breast augmentation did spice up their sex lives, with the exception of those who have developed stretch marks. There is no confirmed consensus yet on this topic, but it is speculated that breast implants and breast augmentation boost self-confidence, which can play a large role during sex.

So, if you are considering a breast augmentation for the purpose of improving your sex life, it may be better to discuss it further with your plastic surgeon. After all, it is not a guaranteed result of the procedure.

In addition to these three frequently asked questions about Miami breast augmentation, you likely have many more questions that you would like to have answers to. If that is the case, we would love to invite you into our clinic to learn more about breast augmentation and to address all your questions and/or concerns. Having the knowledge and facts about the procedure will definitely help you make an informed decision and increase your satisfaction with the outcome.

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