When Is A Miami Breast Augmentation A Bad Idea?

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Breast Augmentation

A Miami Breast Augmentation is a personal experience because it is about your body and your appearance to others – therefore, the procedure should be done to please you. However, there can be different kinds of pressures that can lead someone to permanently change their appearance through cosmetic surgical procedures, even when they are not ready.

Peer & Societal Pressure

Everybody has experienced peer or societal pressure in some form or other and it can be extremely difficult for us at any age. For example, teenagers are incredibly vulnerable because they often look and compare their bodies to models and celebrities and adults being employed and around younger people may also feel self-conscious about their age, appearance and body.

The rise of social media has also made a negative impact on us with societal pressure because of unrealistic standards and distortion in our views of beauty. Media images almost always completely artificial with an intense amount of make-up work beforehand and photo-editing afterwards to remove all perceived flaws. Social media users may feel a pressure to look just like these models and to be irradiating this artificial perfection of beauty. Therefore, some people turn to plastic surgery as a solution for this “problem”.

Personal Pressure

In addition to the more typical peer and societal pressures, there is another kind of pressure that could cause one to seek out a Miami Breast Augmentation for the wrong reasons. This type of pressure is more personal and often presents itself in uncomfortable yet common tales as such: a woman’s significant other is pressuring her into a breast enhancement surgery because he points out a perceived flaw and believes plastic surgery is the answer. Generally in these situations, the woman does not feel unhappy about her body but rather her partner has a preference for larger breasts. This personal kind of pressure can be dangerous since it pushes people towards a plastic surgery procedure that they may not be ready for or want to have.

Regardless of the type of pressure – whether it is peer, societal or personal – the feeling of external pressure is the number one cause for “buyer’s remorse” in patients after a procedure, even if everything is well and results are optimal.

Body By Craft – Breast Augmentation

Therefore, as a certified plastic surgery clinic, the team at the Body by Craft Clinic wants to prevent any patient from feeling pressured or unhappy with their Miami Breast Augmentation procedure. The one and only reason to undergo this cosmetic surgery is because you want it, thus the decision is yours and yours alone. We will work with you to help you make an informed decision that is best for you.

If you believe you are a suitable candidate for breast augmentation using fat grafts, we welcome you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Craft and the Body by Craft team to determine whether this procedure can help you achieve your desired results.

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