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Breast Augmentation

When describing ideal breasts and what they hope to achieve with breast augmentation surgery, most women list cleavage as a top goal. Cleavage, which is defined as the space or gap between the breasts, is highly coveted amongst women of all ages due to its sex appeal. Although enlarging your breasts using breast implants does not guarantee an increase in cleavage, Dr. Craft can help you choose the most suitable implant shape and position to ensure that your breast augmentation in Miami creates the dream cleavage you desire.

Cleavage Attained During A Breast Augmentation Depends On Existing Cleavage

Before undergoing a breast augmentation in Miami, it is imperative to have realistic goals for the procedure. The main objective of a breast augmentation is to improve the size and shape of the breasts. Although increasing the breasts’ size may result in improved cleavage, there is no guarantee that it will do so, as the distance between the breasts, not their size, determines cleavage.

This means that patients whose breasts are naturally far apart may not notice a considerable increase in cleavage following a breast augmentation, since their breast placement will not change. Conversely, women whose breasts are naturally close together can achieve a substantial increase in cleavage due to their natural breast placement.

Your Implant Shape Can Help You Achieve Your Desired Cleavage

With the aforementioned limitations in mind, it is possible to enhance your cleavage with a breast augmentation. In consultation with your plastic surgeon, you can select an implant shape, which will help you achieve your desired cleavage.

Although many patients assume that an implant with a wider base will result in additional cleavage, an implant that is too wide or large for your frame can result in rippling or bulging under your arm. Thus, it is imperative to trust your plastic surgeon’s judgment when selecting the best implant shape for your particular needs and goals.

Your Implant Position Can Help You Achieve Your Desired Cleavage

The positioning of your implants can also help you achieve your desired cleavage. Positioning the implants closer together can reduce the space between the breasts, thereby increasing the likelihood of visible cleavage. However, this must be done carefully, as the implants must still remain centered below the nipples to ensure that they appear natural.

Although many patients want their implants to be placed as close together as possible to increase their cleavage, doing so can cause the nipples to point outward, which appears unnatural and may pose the risk of rippling. As a result, although the implants can be placed closer together, the plastic surgeon must work with your existing anatomy to achieve results that are both beautiful and natural.

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