Miami Breast Augmentation Problems And How To Avoid Them

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Breast Augmentation

Like any surgical procedure, there are some risks and complications associated with breast augmentation surgery. While it is important to be aware of these potential problems, taking the time to select a qualified and experienced board-certified surgeon who specializes in Miami breast augmentation surgery will help to ensure that your surgery is a success, drastically reducing the likelihood of complications.


With any surgical procedure, there is a chance of infection; however, with breast augmentation surgery, this risk is low. Dr. Craft adheres to the strictest sterilization and safety protocols to ensure the safety of his patients. In addition, antibiotics can be used to minimize the likelihood of an infection. Since prompt treatment is vital in resolving infections, it is important to notify your plastic surgeon in the event that you develop a fever or experience an increase in redness or pain, as these may be signs of an infection.


While some swelling is normal following a breast augmentation, considerable edema may be a sign that a hematoma has developed. Although this is not a serious complication, there is a chance that blood can accumulate in a pocket under the skin, prolonging bruising. Small hematomas often naturally dissolve, but larger hematomas should be removed to expedite the healing process.

Capsular Contracture

Because breast augmentation surgery introduces a foreign object to the body, the body naturally responds by forming a capsule, or thin layer of scar tissue around the implant. This is completely normal and should not be a cause for concern. However, in rare instances, the scar tissue which develops thickens and contracts around the implant. This can cause the implant to feel firm or even hard and may change the shape of the breast.

As a result, it is necessary to remove the thickened scar tissue. Luckily, this complication can be avoided by gently massaging the implant during the recovery period to keep it mobile. In addition, attending all post-operative appointments will enable Dr. Craft to keep a close eye on your progress, greatly reducing the risk of capsular contracture.

Change In Sensation

Although rare, there is a chance that a breast augmentation can affect your sensation in the breast or nipples because the implant stretches the breast’s nerves. However, the vast majority of patients report that normal sensation returns to their breasts within one week of the procedure. In rare instances, increased or decreased sensitivity to the nipples may persist for several weeks as the nerve fibres heal.

Breast Asymmetry

Although some breast asymmetry is normal in natural breasts, the surgeon strives to achieve symmetrical breasts when performing a breast augmentation and many patients choose to undergo this procedure to correct significant asymmetry. However, it is important to have realistic expectations for the procedure and to understand that the goal is improvement not perfection. Thus, while breast symmetry can be achieved, exact symmetry is not always possible.

The most important consideration when undergoing a breast augmentation in Miami is your choice of plastic surgeon, as their skills, expertise, and experience will help ensure that your safety and satisfaction with the outcome. Dr. Craft is one of the most trusted names in breast augmentation surgery due to his uncompromised safety standards and unparalleled results.

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